The Nets suspend Kyrie Irving

    The GIST: After a WTF–filled week, it’s only right to close it out with, what else, another WTF roundup. So sick of this sh!t.

    Kyrie Irving: Before we could even press play on yesterday’s The GIST of It episode detailing the announcement that the Nets and Irving would each donate $500K to the Anti-Defamation League, after Irving shared an antisemitic film and movie on social media, the conspiracy theorist nullified his non-apology while speaking to reporters yesterday.

    • When asked whether he had any antisemitic beliefs, Irving issued a rambling non-answer, still falling short of an actual apology and failing to utter the only acceptable response — “no.”
    • Apparently that was the last straw for the Nets, who finally issued Irving a suspension of “no less than five games” without pay yesterday, calling his behavior “deeply disturbing” and saying Irving is “unfit to be associated” with the organization. Cue Lizzo.

    Josh Primo: Former San Antonio Spurs clinical psychologist Dr. Hillary Cauthen filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging that the organization “ignored her repeated reports of indecent exposure” by the ex-player, who the team released last Friday.

    • Cauthen says she reported the first of nine incidents to Spurs management in January of this year, but the organization ignored her claims and were “willing to sacrifice [her] to keep what they hoped would one day be a star player.” Same old song and dance.

    Dan Snyder: The embattled Washington Commanders owner announced on Wednesday that he had hired Bank of America Securities to explore a potential sale of the team — wonderful news for Commanders and football fans alike after his dysfunctional, abhorrent tenure.

    • But then his true motivations became potentially clearer with reports that the U.S. attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Virginia had opened a criminal investigation into the Commanders’ alleged financial improprieties. Don’t let the door hit ya, buddy.

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