Australia v England: first one-day international – live

    Key events

    44th over: England 247-7 (Malan 130, Willey 11) Zampa into his ninth over, still twirling them down, giving some flight. Goes well for four balls. Then he drops short, cut away by Malan for four. And overcorrects next ball, launched away for six! Deep into the Donald Bradman Pavilion, over midwicket, Malan’s biggest hit of the day.

    43rd over: England 235-7 (Malan 119, Willey 10) Starc to Malan, and he’s dropped! A return chance, hit back at him but not smashed. Starc has kept the over tight, given little away, then draws the cross-bat hit from the sixth ball. Into his breadbasket, and out again.

    42nd over: England 232-7 (Malan 117, Willey 9) Lays into Agar! Malan rocks back and pulls him over the leg side into the crowd. Good catch down there. This after sweeping the first ball of the over for four.

    “Low-key hardly does justice to the build up to this game, and maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by the turn out at the ground. All we’re missing is some tumbleweed drifting across the outfield,” writes Brian Withington. The crowd isn’t actually too bad, looking down from the grandstand. There aren’t many in the sun on the eastern side of the ground, but the western side in the shade is pretty well filled out at ground level. Won’t set any records but it’s ok.

    41st over: England 221-7 (Malan 106, Willey 9) Starc returns, slips down the leg side for a wide. Malan can’t score from a couple of balls, then goes up and over cover for two runs. Pulls a single. Willey jams out a good yorker, maybe some inside edge before it hit his boot, so they don’t review when the umpire says no. In fact it didn’t hit the boot at all, Willey just got his foot out of the way before the ball hit bat. Well played. The next one smashes into his ankles as well, but going down the leg side this time.

    “No wonder cricket popularity is waning, no free to air is a huge misstep by CA. Thank goodness we at least have your coverage,” writes John Stadtmiller. Thanks John, doing our best.

    40th over: England 215-7 (Malan 103, Willey 8) The century from Malan, who adds three runs off an inside edge to end the over. In between times, Willey drives Agar through cover for four. Not extinct yet, England. Ten overs to go.

    Century! Dawid Malan 100 from 107 balls

    It’s been quite the performance, resisting the Australian attack early while all of his top-order colleagues subsided. Missed the T20 World Cup final, but shows what he can do here. A simple run driven past the bowler to raise it. He had one England century in all three formats before this, but finally doubles up in one of them.

    39th over: England 206-7 (Malan 99, Willey 3) On they trickle, three more runs from Zampa’s over and Malan on to 99…

    38th over: England 202-7 (Malan 97, Willey 2) Malan is strolling singles towards his century now. Not sure that I love the approach, though he’s probably earned the right. Giving his partner time to play himself in, you might argue. Not taking command of the innings, you might also counter. Willey gets two runs off an outside edge facing Agar, one ball after being beaten and nearly stumped overbalancing. Three from the over.

    37th over: England 199-7 (Malan 96, Willey 0) David Willey can bat, another left-hander. Defends his first ball, and the last of Zampa’s over. England have at least set Australia 200, which was no sure thing 20 overs ago.

    WICKET! Jordan lbw Zampa 14, England 199-7

    We haven’t had many reviews today but suddenly it’s review central. The Australians take a shocker: Jordan has smashed it into his pad at right angles, and the third umpire literally sees one replay and throws out the appeal. Then Jordan tries to pull a ball that stays low, is hit in front and given out, and reviews it himself. The technology upholds the decision, hitting top of middle. A good partnership of 41 comes to an end.

    36th over: England 197-6 (Malan 95, Jordan 13) Plenty of overs left. Malan drives a run, Jordan slices two to deep point, landing short of the approaching fielder. Malan dabs a couple more. Within one hit of a century.

    35th over: England 193-6 (Malan 92, Jordan 12) Zampa replaces Green, double spin. Switches to the Cathedral End from the River End. Jordan sweeps a couple and nudges one, doing his part. Malan swings one down the leg side to deep backward for four, then goes in front of square for another! Goes to 91, takes a single to keep the strike.

    34th over: England 181-6 (Malan 83, Jordan 9) Another three for Jordan. This is quite the feat in short-form cricket. Other direction this time, nicked fine to deep third. Agar goes over the wicket to the left-handed Malan, who doesn’t take him on.

    33rd over: England 176-6 (Malan 82, Jordan 5) Green carries on, trying a side-of-the-hand slower ball that dips on Malan and draws a false shot, skewed through the covers for two. Tables turn with the last ball, shorter and Malan crunches the cut shot for four, so clean. Jordan started the over with three down the ground. Another good dozen for England.

    32nd over: England 164-6 (Malan 75, Jordan 1) Agar with his third over, doing some repairs to his economy rate by getting through it for only two runs.

    31st over: England 162-6 (Malan 74, Jordan 0) Malan manages to collect a couple of braces from Green’s over to follow the run out, but England have been well short of the mark today aside from Malan. Chris Jordan has most of a T20 innings to bat.

    WICKET! Dawson run out (Agar) 11, England 158-6

    Brilliant fielding! Direct hit. Terrible running though. Dawson punches the ball to point and just starts off. Malan, to his credit, responds immediately and so makes it safely to the striker’s end. But that ball was never likely to get past Agar, who stops it cleanly while on the move. Once the ball is in his hand, Dawson gives up, slowing to see whether the throw will hit or not. It does. There is nobody at the stumps, Green has followed through too far. But Agar is good enough.

    30th over: England 157-5 (Malan 70, Dawson 11) Agar returns. Bowled one over earlier, got clobbered once, and disappeared. Malan tries to play the lap shot first ball, but gets the toe of the bat and stups the ball dead. So he backs away and cuts the next one… and beats the sweeper! That was so close to Stoinis, but hit too hard just backward of his square position. Malan premeditates a reverse sweep, but it’s the wrong ball: on the line of leg stump, so in the end he chops it off the bottom edge, past his off stump, for one.

    29th over: England 151-5 (Malan 65, Dawson 10) Cameron Green bowled four overs earlier and now returns. He’s using the short ball a lot, using his height on the theory that it will make him difficult to hit. Mostly it’s working. Bowls full to Malan though, who usually plays short stuff well. Four from the over.

    28th over: England 147-5 (Malan 63, Dawson 8) Back to circumspection for the Zampa over, three singles from it as the afternoon sun thickens in colour.

    27th over: England 144-5 (Malan 62, Dawson 6) The follow-up from Malan, who has decided he can line up the Australian captain. Drives him through cover for four, then plays the pick-up over deep square leg for another six. Great shot. Backs it up with strike rotation this time, and a dozen from the over to make it England’s best in the innings.

    Half century! Malan 50 from 64 balls

    26th over: England 132-5 (Malan 51, Dawson 5) Underway for Dawson, sweeping Zampa very fine for three slightly fortunate runs. Could have let that through onto pads or stumps. Has to stick around for Malan here – who picks up a single and raises his fifty.

    25th over: England 126-5 (Malan 49, Dawson 1) Pongo! One ball after beating the outside edge, Cummins pitches up a tad and Malan bangs him over long on for six. Hello. In typical Malan fashion though, it’s the only scoring shot from the over.

    24th over: England 120-5 (Malan 43, Dawson 1) It’s all on Malan now. Not even at the halfway mark, and he’ll have to do his work with Liam Dawson, whose batting at this level you would describe as useful. And a chance of another wicket, as Malan punches at the ball and edges into Carey’s body. Too fast for the keeper to have any reaction time.

    WICKET! Buttler c Agar b Zampa 29, England 118-5

    That’s the one! If Agar were to take one catch today, he’d want it to be off Buttler. A bit of flight and loop from Zampa but still at decent pace. Buttler stays leg side of the ball, opens the face of his bat, and tries to loft to deep cover. He gets it too straight though, and long-on is able to get around to deep extra and take the catch. England in real strife now.

    23rd over: England 118-4 (Malan 42, Buttler 29) Cummins returns and bowls an economical set. Still haven’t seen a properly big over. The biggest so far went for 11 runs, and that’s the one that Billings was dismissed during. Stoinis comes back onto the field after having his hand treated – he had a ball whacked back at him while bowling earlier and it did some damage to his fingers.

    22nd over: England 111-4 (Malan 40, Buttler 25) Zampa continues, and Buttler wants to have a crack but can’t quite line him up. Drives hard down the ground but finds the boundary rider for one, goes through covers but Labuschagne saves two.

    21st over: England 105-4 (Malan 38, Buttler 21) Starc is still doing it. Buttler is looking for full lengths and movement into him, Starc goes back of a length and seams the ball away. Misses the edge by a whisker. One wide down the leg side, three singles from the over.

    20th over: England 101-4 (Malan 37, Buttler 19) Leg-spin at last, with Zampa on. Malan hits his first ball so hard, but straight to short cover again. Warner there is still wringing his hands a few balls later. Malan goes the other way next ball, over midwicket in the air for a risky couple. Two singles to follow, Zampa bowling a tight line straight at the stumps to make strokeplay difficult. Three figures up for England, lots of work left to do.

    19th over: England 97-4 (Malan 34, Buttler 18) Agar in the air! Nearly pulls off a crazy catch from Malan, who smashes Starc on the cut shot. Agar gets fingertips to it but can’t hold on as he hits the ground. Malan gets off strike, Buttler glances a couple, only three from the over.

    18th over: England 94-4 (Malan 33, Buttler 16) Another free hit for England, Stoinis overstepping the front line. Buttler smashes it, but along the ground to the sweeper at deep backward square. So rarely do you see the free hits go the distance. Only singles from the over.

    17th over: England 88-4 (Malan 30, Buttler 14) Starc comes back for his fifth over, and immediately the runs dry up. Two singles and a wide as the batters watch carefully. It’s still so early in the innings to be four down.

    16th over: England 85-4 (Malan 29, Buttler 13) Cruise control initiated from Buttler. Drives Stoinis through the covers to the fence, all along the tarmac. Labuschagne does some chasing and diving and sliding but can only knock it further along the boundary cushions.

    15th over: England 79-4 (Malan 28, Buttler 8) Midway through the Green over, Malan gets onto a pull shot at last and hits the fence. Still there, building. He’s been a calming influence while the wickets have fallen.

    “A shame Aussies cannot watch their national team play on home soil free to air,” writes in Maureen Becquet. “Shame on the TV chasing $$$$.”

    Hard to argue. The main people to look at are the Cricket Australia people who negotiated the 2018 broadcast deal, which was full of flaws. Also paywalling these matches was contrary to anti-siphoning legislation, but the communications minister of the day wasn’t bothered about enforcing it.

    14th over: England 73-4 (Malan 23, Buttler 7) They take drinks after the wicket, as Jos Buttler comes to the middle. The most important wicket in this English team, by far. Plenty of time for him to express himself today – perhaps too much time. But he has played well here before across formats: bashed India’s bowlers around in the T20 World Cup semi-final, and almost saved last season’s Ashes Test here by batting out most of day five.

    Shows what he can do first up here, lifting Stoinis casually off a length over mid-on for four. Deep cover, deep third, deep backward, deep midwicket the four out for Buttler.

    WICKET! Billings b Stoinis 17, England 66-4

    Into the attack, into the game! Marcus Stoinis does get driven down the ground for four first ball, but follows up with a beauty. Off-cutter, driven into the pitch, seaming in at an angle, beating the inside edge and crashing into the stumps.

    13th over: England 57-3 (Malan 23, Billings 13) A half-struck shot from Malan, pulling Green away for two runs through midwicket, then fiddles and misses outside his off stump as Green gets good bounce on that fourth-stump line. Billings, undeterred, tries a pull shot of his own and mis-hits that one, lobbing it up to short midwicket but safely onto the grass.

    12th over: England 57-3 (Malan 20, Billings 11) Spin into the attack, Agar looking to spear it in, and Malan gets on the attack immediately. Steps outside off stump and slams a hard flat sweep through square leg for four.

    11th over: England 49-3 (Malan 14, Billings 9) First ten overs gone, which means that four fielders can go outside the circle. Australia stick with three, keeping two slips in. Green does a decent job, Billings leaving him like it’s a Test match, only playing one scoring shot in the over.

    10th over: England 47-3 (Malan 14, Billings 7) Great shot from Billings! Drives on the up, after Cummins hits a good length. Straight past the bowler for four. Cummins responds by going straight past the outside edge for the umpteenth time today. He looks so much more dangerous in the longer formats than the T20 stuff. To underline this, smashes Malan on the pads, appeal is turned down, and coming from over the wicket Cummins thinks it might be outside leg stump for the left-hander. He’s right, by a few millimetres. So is the umpire. Last ball of the over, Malan throws his bat at a fraction of width and slashes four through point.

    9th over: England 38-3 (Malan 10, Billings 2) Green comes on to bowl first change, and there’s a release of pressure. Overpitched to Malan and he drives it wide of mid-off for four. Long chase out there fruitless. Green also gets pinged for a retrospective no-ball, but his free hit is a good bouncer that Malan can’t hit. The number three thinks that he has another boundary after cracking the ball square off his pads, but Agar dives and fields exceptionally, denies any run and almost runs out Malan who had taken a couple of steps down the track.

    8th over: England 33-3 (Malan 6, Billings 2) Cummins is ripsnorting! Keeps bashing that good length and making things happen. Zooms one at the gloves of Billings, gets another past the edge. A couple of runs through midwicket are the only ones from the over.

    WICKET! Vince c Carey b Cummins 5, England 31-3

    Another one! Good bowling from Cummins, fast on a length and decking away after angling in. Vince isn’t really trying to score, just hanging the bat out as he is wont to do, tickling the edge through to the keeper. England in strife.

    7th over: England 31-2 (Malan 6, Vince 5) Squeezing runs away now, both players picking off Starc’s straight line and scoring towards fine leg or midwicket. Then a beautiful piece of timing from Malan, leaning over a full ball and clipping it through midwicket for four. Starc responds by tenderising his thigh pad.

    6th over: England 23-2 (Malan 1, Vince 2) Having some time to think will suit Dawid Malan. He watches out his first over from Cummins, leaving a couple of balls on a good line to the left-hander, lacing one at cover but straight to Stoinis who fields the pace well. Nearly a maiden over, takes a straight single from the sixth ball.

    5th over: England 22-2 (Malan 0, Vince 2) A couple of runs for Roy after driving the first ball of the over, then bowled from the second. Vince and Malan form a fresh pairing in the middle, both on nought. Vince, inevitably, drives through cover, half stopped by Stoinis and kept to two runs. The score is a Benaud.

    WICKET! Roy b Starc 6, England 20-2

    Timberrrr! Jason Roy’s time away from England has not helped in the immediate term. He comes back with a Roy-like dismissal, bowled by a ball coming back into him while playing a drive. To be fair, Starc does get that one to straighten off the seam from his angle of left-arm over the wicket. Straightens down the line of the stumps and hits middle.

    WICKET! Salt c Smith b Cummins 14, England 18-1

    4th over: England 18-1 (Roy 4) What a contest! Cummins beats the edge of Salt’s bat twice with a pair of snorters, lift and carry. Salt responds by stepping across to the off side, changing the line and playing a pick-up flick over backward square leg for four. Last ball of the over though, Cummins nails that line again. Draws the big drive, the length isn’t there for it, and Salt edges it to second slip. Well done to the Australian captain for keeping two catchers there.

    3rd over: England 9-0 (Salt 6, Roy 3) Another wild swish at Starc, this time from Roy, managing not to edge the ball. He gets off strike and Salt punches two runs through the covers, then has an air swing all of his own. A very muted start for England, but they have so much more time in this format.

    2nd over: England 6-0 (Salt 4, Roy 2) And a good first over from Cummins to complement Starc. Hits his length, hits the seam, decks a couple away, beats the edge of Salt’s bat. Into rhythm straight away.

    1st over: England 5-0 (Salt 4, Roy 1) Action time for Jason Roy. He gets off the mark with a single behind square, giving Salt the chance to drive straight down the ground for four. Decent over from Starc though, beats Salt outside the off stump to follow up. Fast and mostly full.

    Close to a start here. Drop me a line if you’re so moved, either by email or on Twitter while it lasts.

    Interesting moves there. A lot of England fringe players get a go: Salt, Vince, Billings, Dawson, even Jordan and Willey these days. Luke Wood makes his ODI debut. Olly Stone gets back for England after a long time out with injury.

    For Australia, Carey higher up the order and Green down at seven is a move. Agar playing for Hazlewood as well, two spinners with Stoinis and Green to bowl seam.


    Jason Roy
    Phil Salt
    Dawid Malan
    James Vince
    Sam Billings
    Jos Buttler * +
    Liam Dawson
    Chris Jordan
    David Willey
    Luke Wood
    Olly Stone

    David Warner
    Travis Head
    Steve Smith
    Marnus Labuschagne
    Alex Carey +
    Cameron Green
    Marcus Stoinis
    Ashton Agar
    Pat Cummins *
    Mitchell Starc
    Adam Zampa

    Australia win the toss and will bowl

    Pat Cummins is happy to chase against England, and perhaps to deny England their preferred method of chasing. Interesting because Australia has been a bat-first team at times over the last few years. Jos Buttler doesn’t seem fussed.

    Any rate, it’s a lovely day in Adelaide, sunny and low 20s, sweet and gentle as a creme caramel. The players can’t be too desolate at getting out there. England’s lot are doing fielding drills, throwing at the mitt-holders. Australia’s lot have been having some throwdowns and then a huddle and are now dispersing across the ground in their various groupings.

    Given the questions about why this one-day series is happening so soon after a T20 World Cup, there is some sense to it. Largely because international teams have no time whatsoever to do things these days. But I covered a bit of that in the preview here. Go on, we have time.


    Geoff Lemon

    Hello from Adelaide Oval, ringing out across the world. It’s the contest that everyone was waiting for. Hang on, sorry. Not quite. But it’s a contest, anyway, and it’s Australia versus England, and that has to count for something. Hang on, getting some feedback. That’s not true either. Well, never mind, it’s cricket and some of us like watching that, so we’re just going to get on and do it and not worry too much about the meaning. Alright? Great.

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