Stephen A. Smith feuds with Terrell Owens on social media

    Stephen A. Smith is once again entering “you don’t want to make an enemy out of me” mode.

    The star ESPN personality Smith brought his relationship with former “First Take” co-host Max Kellerman back into the spotlight this week. During an appearance on “The Joe Budden Podcast,” Smith got brutally honest on why Kellerman was dropped from the program.

    In response, retired ex-Pro Bowl receiver Terrell Owens shared a clip of an appearance that he made on “First Take” with Smith and Kellerman in 2019. During that appearance, Owens told Smith at one point, “Max almost seems blacker than you, Stephen A.”

    When a social media user suggested that Owens’s comment was why Smith did not like Kellerman, Owens reposted the tweet and wrote “FACTS!!!!!!!”

    Smith got wind of Owens’ tweet and was clearly upset by it. In firing back at Owens, Smith threatened to expose the ex-NFL star for “all the things you tried to do behind the scenes — to BROTHERS — over the years while claiming someone is more of a Brother than others.”

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