Alexander-Arnold contract talks, Ramsdale ‘humiliated’ by Arsenal drop, United in disarray

    Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has doubled down on his claim that Erik ten Hag is not an elite coach.

    The talkSPORT host has stated he cannot be viewed in that category as he is not a serial winner.

    He said on the White and Jordan show: “Look, again characterise it in a certain way, there are only a few elite managers, because they’re the guys that win things.

    “They are they guys that are winning things, and whilst he has won a League Cup, it is a peripheral tournament in conjunction with Man United’s objectives.

    “Man United’s objectives are to win the Premier League and to win the Champions League, and maybe a worst-case scenario, to win the FA Cup.

    “There of course is value in the League Cup, I’m not diminishing that achievement, if you win a trophy, you win a trophy.

    “But to my mind, when I talk about elite, it is about guys that can legitimately win things, and I look at [Pep] Guardiola, clearly in that situation, and I look at [Jurgen] Klopp.

    “And I look at the rest of them and say this, there are some very, very good managers in there that are just below that level, because you can’t all be elite.

    “It depends on what you determine elite to be, for me, elite is like the saying of world class, it gets thrown around like confetti, there are only a few world class players around, and every time someone plays well, ‘oh he’s world class’.”

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