Honkai Star Rail Setsugekka leaks: Path, abilities, element, and rarity details

    Honkai Star Rail is bustling with playable content and exciting characters designed to immerse the community in its extensive gacha experience. With more to come in the future, players often seek information about future additions. Luckily for them, recent leaks have provided a few details regarding Setsugekka, expected to be one of the upcoming 5-star characters.

    This article outlines the Path, abilities, and other information available about the future unit.

    Disclaimer: This article is based on rumors and leaks that are subject to change.

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    Setsugekka’s leaked element, Path, and more details in Honkai Star Rail

    X (formerly Twitter) user zaychikrails_ has detailed almost every speculative element of Setsugekka in Honkai Star Rail. The 5-star unit is expected to join the Ice roster as a DPS. Despite following the Erudition Path, it appears that Setsugekka’s moveset is heavily geared to inflict single-target damage.

    Setsugekka’s leaked abilities in Honkai Star Rail

    Listed below are Setsugekka’s abilities originating from the Erudition Path:

    • Basic ATK: Deals a percentage of Setsugekka’s ATK as Ice DMG on a target, gaining Snow effect.
    • Skill: Enters a Meditation state to gain energy and further reduces the chance of being attacked for a fixed turn. The ability further advances your next turn, generating a Moon seal.
    • Ultimate: Consumes all seals to unleash Ice damage on an enemy. Each seal increases damage and boosts toughness penetration when three of them are consumed.
    • Talent: Snow, Moon, and Flower effect enhances ATK by a few percent. Flower is generated when HP is full at the beginning of a turn. Upon holding more stacks, you can gain either Snow, Moon, or Flower, depending on which is absent.

    Keeping Setsugekka protected will be a top priority during battle to consistently maintain the Seal stacks.


    Note that the information is highly subject to change as it has been obtained from unauthorized third-party sources. There is a high possibility for the final kit to differ from the ones specified above.

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