Monday Roundup: The necessity of cars, a cop’s excuse, and more

    Welcome to the week. It’s going to get busy and interesting this week. Before the silliness starts, below are all the stories you need (from sources you can trust) to get up to speed.

    What that cop said: Heinous remarks from a police officer about running over and killing a bicycle rider were actually just sarcasm and there was no harm intended, says the officer in response to outrage over the viral video. (NBC)

    Better communications: The Portland Police Bureau has hired a non-sworn, ex-journalist as their public information officer. This should reduce turnover and lead to more thoughtful and professional communications from our police agency. (PPB)

    Controversial take on carlessness: Three urban planners share the inconvenient truth that low-income people should receive more subsidies to help them get cars, because their economic mobility depends on it. (Transfers Magazine)

    Ban right turns on red: Safety advocates in Denver are hoping the mayor takes their advice and bans right turns on red by drivers citywide. “Banning turns on red was something that the committee identified as something that is very quick and low-cost that the mayor could do immediately to make our streets safer for everybody,” said a local nonprofit leader. (Denver 7)

    E-bike rebates work: New research from UC Davis finds that people who took advantage of e-bike rebates use their bikes more and a majority of them said they now replace 1-3 car trips per week with their bike. (National Center for Sustainable Transportation)

    ODOT losing freeway fight: ODOT staff told the Oregon Transportation Commission last week that they will scrap plans to add a third lane on I-205 because it’s just not worth the price. (Oregonian)

    Honda’s Moto Compacto: This is the type of vehicle we need to see more of from automakers! A tiny, sit-down, two-wheeler that can go 15 mph. (Honda)

    Cameras in carland: America’s most car-centric state has passed a bill that would allow use of speed cameras, now all California Governor Gavin Newsom has to do is sign it into law. (Streetsblog CA)

    EVs and oil: “E-bikes are displacing twice as much oil as all the world’s electric cars, buses, vans, and trucks combined.” (Anthropocene Magazine)

    Seattle’s Davey Oil: Oil was inspired by Portland’s Splendid Cycles and has now built something very special of his own with G & O Family Cyclery. He has also proved that success can come to shops that treat employees like professionals, are inclusive, and stock only utility-minded brands. (Bicycle Retailer)

    An American in Spain: Colorado’s Sepp Kuss won the Vuelta and becomes the first American to win a grand tour in 10 years and just the fourth in the history of the sport. (Velo)

    Thanks to everyone who shared links this week!

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