The Gunns name WWE star tag team as ideal opponents

    Austin and Colten Gunn are emerging talents in AEW. The two siblings previously held the AEW tag team championship and are currently involved in the “Bullet Club Gold” storyline. Yet, it would appear their “dream matchup” resides outside of the AEW roster.

    In a recent interview with Kevin Kellam of Sportskeeda’s “WrestleBinge,” The Gunns pinpointed the Usos as their dream matchup.

    “One on our bucket list, if we just had to say outside of AEW, I think the Usos would be great,” Austin Gunn said. “When you when you wrestle a brother tag team, it’s just special. They were born in this business. We were born in this business.”

    WWE and AEW are the top two brands in wrestling. Both companies have poached talent from the other, with Cody Rhodes the biggest name to jump between brands. The Gunns are still at the beginning of their careers and are yet to truly “pop” with the fan base. As such, it’s unlikely WWE would have any interest in poaching the tag team from its rival promotion in the near future.

    However, brother tag teams do have a history of being big draws. Matt and Jeff Hardy have been at the top of multiple tag divisions throughout their careers. Kane and Undertaker often drew big numbers when teaming up as “The Brothers of Destruction,” and the Usos have been involved in the most dominant storyline in wrestling history with their role in “The Bloodline.” 

    WWE has a history of putting big draws over with the fan base. If the Gunns can continue to round out their skill set in the coming years and prove they’re capable of being fan favorites — both in ratings and merchandise sales — then their dream match could become a reality in the future.

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