NBA: Perkins To Anthony Davis – “Show Some Damn Pride, Bro”

    The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to capitalize on the last few years of LeBron James’ career, chasing one or two final NBA Finals appearances. The 40-year-old potential greatest ever player is defying his age and playing at a high level once again in 2023, and the Lakers currently have the 6th shortest odds of any team to win the championship. But they will need Anthony Davis to be playing like the superstar that he was brought in to be, and his production has dipped over the last handful of games.

    NBA: Anthony Davis Scores Just 9 Points Against Kings

    After missing the November 8th game against the Rockets with a groin injury, Davis has scored fewer than 20 points in three of the last four contests. The Lakers had won three in a row since his return, but were carried by James in one game and D’Angelo Russell and Rui Hachimura in another.

    Things got even uglier for Davis on Wednesday in a nationally televised game against the Sacramento Kings. He was stifled by Domantas Sabonis and the Kings’ defense, getting up just 9 shots and making 3 of them in 34 minutes of play. When he was on the floor, his team was -13 on the scoreboard, and he was completely outplayed by Sabonis, who had 29 points, 16 rebounds, and 7 assists. Davis scored just 9 points.

    AD Now 0-8 Against Sabonis In His Career

    In one of the more surprising statistics to come out after the game was the fact that Davis is 0-8 against Sabonis in his NBA career. This was one of the many talking points on sports shows around the country when discussing the Lakers on Thursday, and ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins did not let up when talking about the situation:

    I get a pass every six months with ESPN to, you know, to say that Sabonis bust AD ass yesterday, okay? And he’s been doing that the last eight games…Show some damn pride, bro. You got a LeBron James playing at a high level, whose playing alongside of you, and you got Sabonis literally attacking you from the jump. From the jump. You gotta have some pride about yourself.

    Davis has been criticized throughout his career, mostly for his availability. He did help the Lakers win a championship during the COVID 19-marred 2020 season, but the big man has missed significant time with injuries and has struggles at times on the court. But he is still a part of one of the top duos in the NBA, and has higher expectations than single-digit performances against divisional opponents.

    The Lakers will attempt to bounce back on Friday night as they take on the 3-8 Trail Blazers.

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