Russell Westbrook reportedly asked to come off the bench in order to help the Clippers

    Since James Harden arrived at the Los Angeles Clippers, the team is 0-6 with other players like Russell Westbrook not being able to connect with Harden that much. Starting games together doesn’t seem to be working, the team is already in a complicated situation with the added pressure of the previous results. According to a recent report from Chris Haynes, Westbrook himself has requested to start from the bench the next game and see if he can help the Clippers return to their winning ways. The team plays at home against the Houston Rockets on Friday, who are currently 6-3 and playing decent basketball. Westbrook is considered one of the most vocal players inside the team and he has earned the respect of the rest of his teammates. He was the one who raised his voice to the team’s leadership.

    Russell Westbrook on signing with the Clippers: “I’m happy to be here”LAPRESSE

    Can Russell Westbrook bring the winning Clippers back?

    There are very few NBA franchises who have succeeded in their attempts to build a super team. When the Miami Heat did it back in the ‘2000s, they managed to win two consecutive championships with Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. The Golden State Warriors did it too when they signed Kevin Durant. But other teams such as the Brooklyn Nets tried and failed miserably at doing it. Today, the Clippers are attempting to do this with four different All-Stars and they are currently failing miserably as well. Russell Westbrook is not the answer, a single player can’t save a team in which the system doesn’t work. Although his initiative is worthy of acknowledgement because he is being selfless, the solution might be elsewhere.

    We are not saying the Clippers will never play well with all four All-Stars inside the court but previous experiments like this one haven’t worked recently. The team needs to do a lot more practice together and attempt to familiarize with each other. But more importantly, James Harden needs to realize he is not the biggest star inside this team. That is Kawhi Leonard’s role to play. Russell Westbrook understands this perfectly, which is the reason he decided to take this step forward and start games from the bench. His aim is to see if other players from the squad can contribute to get the team out of the current negative dynamic.

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