Latest on 30-year-old’s status amid rumors of being Tony Khan’s big signing at AEW Full Gear – Reports

    The Bidding Battle of 2024 between AEW and other major promotions may come early, as one of wrestling’s top stars has been reportedly given the chance to explore other companies before his contract expiry. This would be the IWGP United States Champion Will Ospreay.

    He has previously teased that he would put himself on the market once his contract with NJPW expires. That would be this coming February, and the fight to sign him will begin soon.

    A recent report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider has stated that Will Ospreay has been given the freedom by NJPW to explore new contract opportunities. He also revealed that the Aerial Assassin has received three offers from well-known promotions.

    AEW may be one of the companies who have sent out an offer, as recent reports have suggested that Ospreay may be the “big signing” Tony Khan will announce tomorrow at Full Gear.

    One of AEW’s potential new signings could end up in another promotion

    Due to his existing relationship with the promotion, and the number of appearances he’s made in their major shows, AEW has been teased to be the potential destination for Will Ospreay.

    Recently, he revealed that he was also interested in wrestling inside the ring of one of the industry’s most iconic promotions. This was IMPACT, which rebrands back to its infamous TNA name in 2024.

    While appearing on the most recent episode of IMPACT, the Aerial Assassin revealed that he was interested in competing in TNA now that it was under new ownership, and would undergo a possible rejuvenation back to its glory days. This was ahead of his contract expiry coming in February.

    There was no saving IMPACT Wrestling, but that new ownership came along, and the talent backstage–it should be spoken loud and clear that the staff back there, and all the roster are the reason why this place is thriving. I didn’t want to come to IMPACT Wrestling. I wanted to come to TNA Wrestling, before I rounded this up, before February strikes, you better make sure that as much as I love IMPACT, I need to step foot in a TNA ring.” (H/T Fightful)


    Will Ospreay will definitely be one of the most sought-after free agents once 2024 hits, and it will be interesting if he indeed does go to AEW, or if he makes a major swerve and signs with another major promotion instead.

    Where do you want Ospreay to end up in? Let us know in the comments section below.

    BREAKING: The Undertaker comments on the dream match with Sting right here.

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