WNBA star Kysre Gondrezick calls out Manhattan D.A. for “false narrative” in assault case

    WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick is taking a stand against the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, accusing them of perpetuating a “false narrative” in the assault case involving her ex-boyfriend, Kevin Porter Jr.

    Gondrezick, who has consistently denied being attacked by Porter, claims that the handling of the incident by the D.A.’s office has exacerbated her trauma.

    In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, the 26-year-old athlete expressed her frustration with the D.A.’s office, stating that their actions have compounded her emotional distress. She asserts that her initial statement, given one week after Porter’s arrest, was misrepresented in the original criminal complaint.

    Gondrezick wants the D.A. to publicly acknowledge her version of events, emphasizing that she fell and hit her head after being abruptly awakened by Porter, denying any physical assault.

    The circumstances of Gondrezick’s injuries

    Porter, a 23-year-old NBA player who was waived by the Oklahoma City Thunder after his arrest, was accused of hitting Gondrezick multiple times and strangling her, resulting in a fractured neck vertebra and a laceration above her eye.

    However, it was later revealed that the neck injury was pre-existing, and Gondrezick attributes the laceration to the fall, supported by a makeup smear on the hotel room wall.

    One assault charge against Porter has already been dropped due to insufficient evidence. “My injuries don’t support any of those [beating] claims,” the player stressed in an interview to local media.

    Gondrezick’s attorney, Bobby Altchiler, weighed in, claiming that his client has received death threats due to the mishandling of the case and called for honesty from the Manhattan D.A.’s office.

    Gondrezick assures is trying to defend herself

    Gondrezick emphasizes that her decision to speak out is not to protect Porter but to prevent authorities from silencing her. She is also demanding accountability for those responsible for perpetuating the current narrative.

    “He didn’t hit me. He never balled his fists up and hit me. And he definitely didn’t punch me in the face numerous times. That is a lie,”Gondrezick stated.

    As the legal proceedings continue, Gondrezick’s lawyer urges the Manhattan D.A.’s office to review the case information and be transparent about the facts.

    Kevin Porter Jr. is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

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