Best Black Friday Cycling Clothing Deals 2023 (LIVE)

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    As the holiday season pedals into view, cyclists are gearing up for more than just festive celebrations. Black Friday, the much-anticipated shopping extravaganza, brings with it a golden opportunity for riders to elevate their cycling experience with the latest and greatest in cycling apparel.

    Whether you’re a road warrior, a mountain trailblazer, or a city commuter, the market is abuzz with irresistible deals on high-performance gear designed to enhance both comfort and style.

    Join us on a journey through the best Black Friday cycling clothing deals of 2023, where we uncover the top-notch attire that will keep you comfortable during your rides and have you looking effortlessly chic as you conquer the roads or trails.

    Top 9 Bike Clothing Black Friday Offers [LATEST]

    1. ornot clothing logo

      Up to 50% Off


      Ornot is offering early access to their sale to all those who sign up with their email.

    2. rapha logo

      Save 25% with code SAVE25


      If you’re hoping to get your hands on some Rapha gear this year, you better get in line.

    3. maap logo

      Up to 50% Off


      MAAP is offering many of their products at half price for a limited time only.

    4. sigr logo

      Up to 70% off


      Sigr’s Swedish cycling attire combines elegance and quality for urban commuters.

    5. POC logo

      Up to 50% off


      POC offers cycling gear, including mountain biking apparel, known for quality and versatility.

    6. Up to 75% off


      Proviz specializes in high-visibility outerwear, transforming into beacons for urban cyclists’ safety.

    7. endura logo

      Up to 60% off


      Established Scottish brand providing expansive and comfortable commuter cycling gear for all genders.

    8. chrome industries logo

      25% Off (Almost Everything)

      Chrome Industries

      Durable urban cycling gear by Chrome Industries, known for robust backpacks and messenger bags.

    9. velocio logo

      Use ‘BFCM2023’ for 30% off


      Diverse cycling apparel range, including stylish and functional options for urban riders.

    Best Black Friday Bike Cycling Clothing 2023 [UPDATED]

    1. Norrsken Reflective Jacket

    Norrsken Reflective Jacket

    This signature item from our new Norrsken collection is an innovative and super lightweight and compact pack jacket that will always be there when you need it most. It fits neatly into the back pocket of any Sigr cycle jersey so it can always be with you, wherever you ride.

    2. POC Crew

    POC Crew

    Classic crewneck sweater featuring the POC logo and constructed from high-quality long-staple cotton for durability and comfort. The sweater features the POC logo printed on the chest in a tonal color.

    3. MAAP Ascend Pro Rain Jacket

    Ascend Pro Rain Jacket

    Take on the elements in the Ascend Pro Rain Jacket, the most waterproof and windproof jacket in the collection. Constructed from Sympatex fabric which features a breathable three-layer membrane.

    4. MAAP Alt_Road Lightweight Anorak

    Maap Anorak

    When the weather turns rowdy, reach for the Alt_Road Lightweight Anorak. Constructed from a waterproof and windproof Drytex shell fabric with thermo-taped seams.

    5. Fiobic Water-Repellent Jacket

    Fiobic Jacket

    Introducing the epitome of versatile style and weather protection, the Fiobic water-repellent jacket. With a precision-crafted waterproof exterior and a high-stretch, breathable, and insulating lining, it ensures comfort and protection in any climate.

    6. Trek Bike People Unisex T-Shirte

    Trek Bike People Unisex T-Shirt

    The Trek Bike People T-Shirt is a sure way to meet new cycling friends. Its super-soft cotton blend offers all-day comfort no matter the occasion in a unisex fit everybody can enjoy.

    9. MAAP Eclipse Socks

    MAAP Eclipse Socks

    Fusing bold colours and graphics with high performance, the Eclipse Sock is ready to ride. Featuring dynamic arch support that provides a premium fit, while strategically placed soft mesh panels offer added ventilation.

    More Black Friday Deals on Cycling Clothing 2023

    What to Consider When Buying Cycling Clothing Online

    When purchasing cycling clothing online, several factors are crucial to ensure you get the right gear for your needs. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what to consider:

    Cycling Clothing Size and Fit

    Pay close attention to sizing charts provided by the brand. Different manufacturers may have variations in sizing, so measure yourself accurately and compare with the sizing guide to ensure a proper fit.

    Material and Fabric of Cycling Clothing

    Choose clothing made from moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics like polyester or merino wool to keep you comfortable during rides. Consider weather-specific features such as thermal insulation for colder climates or UV protection for sunny conditions.

    Cycling Discipline

    Select clothing tailored to your specific cycling discipline. Road cyclists might prioritize aerodynamics and lightweight materials, while mountain bikers may look for durable and protective features.

    Seasonal Considerations

    Depending on the climate in your area, choose clothing suitable for the seasons you’ll be cycling in. Look for thermal layers for colder weather and well-ventilated options for hot conditions.

    Visibility and Safety

    Opt for clothing with reflective elements or bright colors, especially if you frequently ride in low-light conditions. This enhances your visibility to motorists and other cyclists, promoting safety.

    Chamois Quality (for Shorts and Bibs)

    Pay attention to the chamois (padding) quality in cycling shorts and bibs. A well-designed chamois provides comfort and reduces friction during long rides.

    Brand Reputation and Reviews

    Research the reputation of the brand. Established brands often have a track record for producing quality cycling gear. Read customer reviews to gain insights into the performance, durability, and comfort of specific products.

    Return Policy

    Check the online retailer’s return policy. Since fit can be challenging to determine without trying the clothing on, having a hassle-free return policy ensures you can exchange or return items if they don’t meet your expectations.

    Price and Discounts

    Keep an eye on discounts, especially during Black Friday. However, prioritize quality over price alone, as durable and well-designed cycling clothing often provides better value in the long run.

    Customer Service

    Check the online store’s customer service reputation. Responsive and helpful customer service can be valuable if you encounter any issues with your purchase.

    Considering these factors, you can make informed decisions when buying cycling clothing online, ensuring that your gear enhances your riding experience and meets the specific demands of your cycling activities.

    Cycling Clothing Brands Black Friday Deals

    More Black Friday Cycling Deals 2023

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