Josh Jung pranks fans with epic baseball card signature

    After an incredible season ending with a World Series championship and a fourth-place finish in American League Rookie of the Year voting, Rangers third baseman Josh Jung probably doesn’t need a backup career. But if baseball doesn’t end up working out, he could have a future as an artist. 

    Jung decided to prank fans by doodling on one of his baseball cards. On one copy of his Topps Heritage Real One rookie card, he drew glasses and a mustache on himself and signed “Go Rangers!” In the top right corner of the card, he labeled it “1/1,” confirming this is a completely unique collectible. Just like other autographed cards, it also includes his classic signature on the bottom. 

    “I thought it would be fun to throw a little Easter egg out into the hobby,” said Jung. “I’m glad it finally surfaced! Won’t be the last.”

    Eric Whiteback, also known as “The Collectibles Guru” on social media, was the one who first found the listing for Jung’s doodle on eBay, claiming it was going for $10,000. However, the listing is no longer on eBay, which means it has likely already been purchased. 

    Other, non-doodled copies of the same signed card are currently listed between $100 and $600 on eBay. 

    With Jung promising for more, non-traditional autographed cards, what could the young star surprise fans with next?

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