Andy Reid could be looking ahead to an extension instead of retirement after Super Bowl LVIII

    As the Kansas City Chiefs gear up for their fourth Super Bowl appearance under the leadership of head coach Andy Reid, speculation swirls about the seasoned coach’s future with the team.


    At 65 years old, many had anticipated that Reid might consider retirement after this season’s campaign. However, recent reports suggest otherwise.

    Despite having two years remaining on his current contract, sources indicate that a contract extension for Reid is more likely than retirement.

    This news comes amidst discussions about Reid’s compensation, with many within the league considering him significantly underpaid compared to his coaching peers.

    Reid considered one of the league’s top coaches

    According to reports, Reid’s current annual salary of $12 million ranks him relatively low among NFL head coaches, despite his impressive track record and accomplishments.

    With another Super Bowl victory potentially on the horizon, it’s expected that Reid will seek a raise to reflect his contributions to the Chiefs’ success.

    “He’s not retiring,” one source stated emphatically to CBS Sports. “He’s not paid what he should be getting paid. Problem with the whole organization. Pay has not been what it should be all the way top to bottom.”

    Despite Reid’s age, there’s little doubt about his continued effectiveness as a coach.

    With a wealth of experience and a winning record that speaks for itself, Reid remains one of the most respected figures in the NFL coaching fraternity.

    “He hasn’t expressed that to anyone. Not on the radar,” remarked one insider regarding retirement rumors.

    Indeed, Reid’s coaching prowess has only been bolstered by his partnership with star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, resulting in consistent playoff appearances and a Super Bowl victory in 2019 and 2022.

    Before Reid’s arrival in Kansas City, the Chiefs’ playoff record was less than stellar.

    However, under his guidance, the team has seen a dramatic turnaround, solidifying his status as one of the most successful coaches in NFL history.

    With his unparalleled coaching resum and the Chiefs’ ongoing success, an extension for Reid seems not only likely but also well-deserved.

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