Mike Tyson confesses that fighting gives him sexual arousal and hurting his opponents is “orgasmic”

    Mike Tyson has been known for breaking all the boxing rules, including his statements when he has given in-depth interviews such as when he went to visit Joe Rogan on his Joe Rogan Experience.

    There, he stated that fighting gives him an erection and hurting his opponents is orgasmic for him.

    Mike Tyson confesses that he gets sexually aroused when he fights

    Tyson just finished his press conference alongside Jake Paul to promote his fight that will take place in Arlington, Texas on July 20, 2024 and the boxing world is buzzing about this fight, however, in a clip from a while back, Mike Tyson confesses in a few words the side effects of the excitement of fighting.

    During one of his most recent shows, Rogan aired a clip from when he interviewed Tyson for the second time on his show, where in the form of a question Mike says to Rogan “What does it mean when fighting gives you an erection?” to which Rogan, who had to contain his surprise replied “It means you’re excited”.

    Mike Tyson says hurting his opponents is orgasmic

    In the first interview Tyson gave Rogan, the former champion had shared that he was retired from boxing and that he no longer wanted to be aggressive, however, in this second interview, he opened up and said that there was a part of him that wanted to hurt his opponent.

    During the second interview, Tyson confesses that he has problems with hurting his opponents, to which Rogan asks him What do you mean, Tyson takes a pause and in a calm, almost whispering voice, said “Sometimes it’s orgasmic.”

    Definitely the fight between Tyson and Jake Paul will be a spectacle and aims to exceed audience records, according to the organizers.

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