5 Ways To Show Your Personality While Wearing Your Uniform

    Even though you’re proud to wear your team’s colors, you still want to be seen as an individual on the field. We’ve got you covered. There are a lot of ways to let your personality shine through. Check out some of our favorite ways to show your personality and flair while wearing your uniform.



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    There is a reason pre-wrap comes in all kinds of colors. This stuff is crazy versatile, as any socceristas knows. You can use it for headbands, bracelets, even a hair tie in a pinch. We’ve seen a few pro players use this handy little supply to create a signature look. When you think Julie Ertz, you think blue pre-wrap headband. So try sporting your favorite color the next time you take the field. 



    Scrunchies have made a serious comeback in the last few years. They are a great, fun, and easy way to show a little bit of personal flair. Go big with a built-in bow scrunchie, or shine with a metallic or neon fabric. Having a signature scrunchie will make it that much easier for people to spot you from the crowd. 



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    Just like in our daily lives, the way you wear your hair on the field can say a lot. A super-high ponytail could mean that you’re spirited and fun-loving. A low ponytail is a more relaxed vibe. There is a ton you can do from different kinds of braids to buns to classic ponytails. Try a few out until you find the one that suits you best on the field. 



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    For socceristas, cleats are life. They have to be comfy, they have to be durable, and they have to make a statement. Now, cleats can get pricey, but that’s what DIY is for. You can easily take some old or cheaper cleats that you trust and customize them yourself. Paint them a bright color, embellish them with a design, or use custom laces. Let your shoes make a statement about who you are as you zip down the field. 



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    There is no better way to show your personality on the field than to celebrate your team. A lot of people think that celebrating is only for the strikers and midfield, but that’s so wrong. Defense can celebrate goals just as well, and sweet saves. Keepers have every right to show off a little after a great save. As long as you’re being sportsmanlike and not wasting game time, show joy. Work out a special move with a teammate, choreograph an entire celebration, or come up with a signature pose that sums it all up. 


    Don’t let wearing a uniform stifle your creativity and personality. Find little ways to show the fans and your opponent who you are. 


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