Angel Reese defended by Chicago Sky coach as she rips reporter over Team USA question

    In a recent press conference, tensions ran high as Chicago Sky head coach Teresa Weatherspoon took offense to a seemingly innocuous question regarding the future prospects of forward Angel Reese in Team USA selections. The incident unfolded when a reporter probed into Reese‘s potential for national team representation, a query that sparked a fiery response from Weatherspoon.

    “Come on now, I know you’re not asking me that question,” retorted Weatherspoon, clearly agitated by the line of questioning. “Does she have what it takes? She’s showing it… She has what it takes. You’re doggone right she has what it takes.”

    Weatherspoon‘s impassioned defense of Reese and other players on the Sky roster underscored a broader narrative surrounding media scrutiny and expectations within the WNBA. The league, often overshadowed in mainstream sports media, has recently seen increased attention due to rising stars like Caitlin Clark, whose absence from the recent Olympic team selection sparked debate and critique.

    The WNBA lashing out at the media of late

    The WNBA, long battling for visibility and respect, has faced criticism for its perceived sensitivity to media coverage compared to its NBA counterpart. Weatherspoon’s outburst and the subsequent backlash from players like Chennedy Carter highlight a growing frustration among WNBA personnel with what they perceive as unfair scrutiny and comparisons to more established leagues.

    Angel Reese’s earlier fine for skipping a mandatory media session further underscores the tensions within the league, particularly as it navigates heightened media interest and the pressures of representing a sport seeking broader recognition.

    As new fans continue to discover the WNBA through high-profile players and controversies, questions persist about the league’s future direction and its handling of media relations. The debate over entitlement versus advocacy for fair treatment remains a central theme in discussions surrounding women’s professional basketball, as the sport seeks to carve out a more prominent place in the sporting landscape.

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