AEW will be driven forward by its biggest homegrown star

     MJF is a true homegrown star for AEW. He has risen through the ranks to become the face of the company. He is a former AEW World Champion. He is unquestionably the best talent the company has on a microphone. And he has reportedly signed a long-term extension, with Tony Khan fending off interest from WWE. 

    During a recent appearance on FOX 5 New York, MJF detailed what led him to re-sign with Khan’s company. 

    “Look, it was a very easy decision for me, mainly because, Tony, is paying me an exorbitant amount of money,” MJF said. “But outside of that, I also, I believe in AEW. I believe that it’s where the best wrestle. I believe that we have some of the most top-tier elite talent you get to see in the world today.”

    MJF is a major draw. His personality resonates through the television screen. He can make you like him or hate him. He has proven he can thrive as a face and as a heel. The impending storyline between MJF and The Undisputed Kingdom has the potential to be the best in AEW’s young history. 

    Khan’s company has recently been struggling with declining viewership and ratings. It may need to alter its approach and add additional storytelling to its offering. MJF would be the most logical member of the roster to receive a bump in promo time. He must begin appearing on both Dynamite and Collison. K

    Khan has to start booking MJF like he’s the biggest name in the company.

    AEW has arguably the most talented roster in professional wrestling when it comes to in-ring production. Between the ropes, there are countless world-class talents in the locker room. However, AEW needs to start developing storytellers and add additional depth to its overall offering. 

    MJF leads by example. If others follow his lead, things could quickly start to turn around for the company. 

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