Violet Affleck reveals she contracted a post-viral disease in 2019 during a widely applauded public speech

    Violet Affleck has revealed that she contracted a post-viral disease in 2019 and chose to spoke about it during a public speech.

    The daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner is now 18 years old and is occasionally in the public eye whilst she goes about her college studies.

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    She appeared on Tuesday at a regularly scheduled meeting of the LA County Board of Supervisors.

    Violet’s impassioned plea

    Violet was wearing a protective mask at the event and she called for an expansion on the availability of masks in public during the section of the evening where residents could voice their thoughts.

    “I contracted a post-viral condition in 2019,” Violet revealed. “I’m OK now, but I saw first-hand that medicine does not always have answers to the consequences of even minor viruses. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown that into sharper relief.”

    According to the Mayo clinic, a post-viral condition occurs following a viral infection, and is characterized by possible fatigue, lethargy, memory loss, inability to focus, and exhaustion, and can last for months following the initial infection.

    “One in 10 infections leads to long COVID, which is a devastating neurological and cardiovascular illness that can take away people’s ability to work, see, move and even think,” Violet shared during the board meeting, while explaining that it has hit vulnerable communities hardest across the country,” Affleck said.

    “To confront the long COVID crisis, I demand mask availability, air filtration and far-UVC lights in government facilities, including jails and detention centers,” she stated, “and mask mandates in county medical facilities.”

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