“Ground-breaking” Rugby League World Cup will ‘innovate like London 2012’ – Clare Balding tells WSA — Women’s Sports Alliance

    “I presented rugby league programmes to the BBC for about 10 years and I only stopped because of time constraints and commitments to other sports like (horse) racing in particular,” she tells the WSA.

    “It was a real shame because I loved it and I’ve always loved the community, the players would are hugely admirable and I really do love the sport.

    “It’s always felt that place that was welcoming rather than dismissive, which you will know (as a woman) isn’t always the case.”

    What do you think makes this sport so special?

    “It’s fast! Because you only have a limited time with the ball, you’ve got to do something with it, in your phase of six tackles. You have to make something happen before the other side gets a chance and it’s designed so there’s, in a sense, less ‘ball hogging’.

    “I like rugby union, but you could get 40 phases of play and the other side never even gets a sniff, whereas in rugby league that can’t happen. I think it’s more athletics as well, you don’t have big heavy scrums to keep recycling the ball, so it’s much more active.

    “Having spoken to one of the players who has played union and league she said the first time she played league she’s never been more exhausted, ever!

    “It requires more running, because you are moving all the time, there’s hardly any slow-down of the game and that for spectators is fantastic because it means it’s action, action, action.”

    “If a team is playing well together and they’re thinking ahead and anticipating each other’s moves the wingers can be set free and then there’s nothing more thrilling than watching a rugby league winger run three-quarters of the length of the pitch full pelt to score a try.”

    Why is this tournament in England so important to the future of the women’s game?

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