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    AVSL Round 2 & 3 – Re-Scheduling

    Following the cancellation of certain venues and events during round two and three of AVSL, we have worked to re-schedule these with those regions affected.

    This will allow both rounds to be full scoring and contribute to the AVSL Ladders once these events are completed.

    We would like to thank both Athletics Bendigo and Geelong Athletics for working with Athletics Victoria and identifying new competition dates to ensure Rounds 2 & 3 contribute to the final AVSL ladder positions.

    Geelong Round 2 Cancellation

    Following the track flooding for Round 2 and the full cancellation of the event, Geelong Athletics have obtained a new date for their Round 2 entries to compete.

    Geelong will hold the re-scheduled round on Saturday the 7th of January at Landy Field. Only those athletes who registered for Round 2 at Geelong will be eligible to compete and score points for their clubs.

    Bendigo Round 3 Cancellation

    Round 3 saw the cancellation of Bendigo due to expected thunderstorms and the distance that many of their athletes must travel to participate in AVSL at their venue.

    Bendigo will re-schedule and host their Round 3 competition on Friday the 25th of November. In line with Geelong, only those athletes who registered for Round 3 at Bendigo will be eligible to compete and score points for their clubs.


    Geelong Round 3 Caged Throws Cancellation

    Due to the heavy rainfall the throwing circles were unfortunately underwater and were unable to be used during the Round 3 competition at John Landy Field.

    To allow athletes to score for the cancelled events and ensure that Round 3 can be completed, the athletes that registered for Round 3, will be pre-entered for Round 5. The results achieved at Round 5 will be contribute to both Round 3 and Round 5. Athletes that did not enter Round 3 at Geelong, but enter for Round 5 will only be eligible to score for Round 5.

    What does this mean for AVSL Ladders and Scoring?

    Following the above re-scheduled events, Rounds 2 and 3 will be finalised and included, with all powerplays and points valid. Once each round’s events are finalised, this will update the AVSL ladders to include the newly finalised rounds.

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