Brett Favre is back on his bullsh!t

    The GIST: NFL legend Brett Favre’s in hot water…again. His ongoing welfare scandal became even messier with yesterday’s reporting that two concussion drug companies he backed allegedly overstated the effectiveness of their products and were supported by money from Mississippi’s welfare fund. Sound familiar?

    The context: Favre made headlines last month when reports emerged that he diverted Mississippi welfare funds in order to build a new volleyball stadium at his daughter’s college.

    • Then, text messages showed that not only did Favre push to swindle $5M from the nation’s poorest state, he persisted in those efforts despite being told it was illegal, among other troubling transgressions.

    The latest: Yesterday’s ESPN bombshell revealed that Favre is a top investor in two companies that developed a nasal spray to treat concussions and a cream to prevent them. Favre is accused of helping the Florida-based companies secure more than $2.1M in Mississippi welfare funds to support that development. WTF, indeed.

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