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    How could women’s football benefit from the men’s 2022 World Cup?

    It is clear that women’s soccer has grown rapidly in recent years and is now much more prominent on a global scale. This sees the women’s game getting not only the respect it deserves but also greater levels of funding. Although much of the growth in women’s soccer has come from within, there still remains the opportunity to use other events to help it develop – especially from the men’s game.

    The upcoming World Cup is a case in point and a spectacle all fans of the sport are looking forward to. This is not only in terms of catching the best games but also adding more fun to soccer through betting on matches. If you plan to do this, make sure to check the latest Qatar 2022 World Cup odds beforehand, to get a better idea of which wagers are worth making.

    In terms of women’s soccer, though, the 2022 men’s World Cup is not just something fun to bet on or thrilling to watch. It could also be something the women’s game could benefit from. But how is this true?

    More fans and more players getting into women’s soccer

    The upcoming 2022 World Cup in Qatar could be beneficial for the women’s game in general and leagues such as Division 1 Feminine in particular. This is because it will see more people taking an interest in soccer and a new generation of fans emerge. Once they fall in love with the sport at this World Cup, they will be ready to dive into everything soccer has to offer.

    This could naturally mean a huge number of new female fans going onto follow women’s soccer domestically and internationally. It could also mean a new generation of male supporters who discover the women’s game afterwards and choose to follow it in future.

    The 2022 men’s World Cup could also be great for women’s soccer in terms of bringing new female players into the sport. As women catch the action in Qatar and are inspired to take up the game themselves, an influx of new talent could comeinto female teams. This could be at a professional level and also at a more informal, casual level.

    Opportunity to reach a bigger audience globally

    Soccer is still arguably the world’s favorite sport and is estimated to have around 3.5 billion fans globally. The stats around soccer also show that a massive 30 billion tuned into the 2006 men’s World Cup! These kinds of figures show that the 2022 World Cup represents a great opportunity for women’s soccer to connect with a huge audience and pick up new fans.

    This could be through the presence of female presenters on TV networks covering the competition, who show that women have their place in the sport and talk about the women’s game when relevant. It could also mean the presence of current female players commentating on games or analyzing them in the studio. This again can bring women’s soccer to a huge audience and spark a higher level of interest in it.

    Greater levels of investment moving ahead

    You could also see the 2022 men’s World Cup creating even more investment in the women’s game afterwards. This would be of huge benefit to the sport overall and enable women’s soccer to grow even further.

    But how could this pan out? There is no doubt that the World Cup generates huge revenues for FIFA through marketing, TV and licensing rights. Some of this money is then put back into global soccer to stimulate growth. If the women’s game can get a healthy portion of the money that FIFA makes from the 2022 World Cup, it will help it have the funds to grow further around the world.

    In addition, you also could notice national soccer bodies being inspired to invest more into their women’s game, should their men’s team do well in Qatar. This is especially true when you consider that the next women’s World Cup is in2023. If the men’s side of a particular country does well in Qatar, they will be keen for the women’s team to replicate this and therefore put more funding into it to help.

    2022 World Cup in Qatar could help women’s soccer

    We all know that women’s soccer can manage just fine on its own and does not need help from the men’s game. It is also true to say, though, that any help that can stimulate more growth is worth considering and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar certainly falls into this category. If nothing else, it should put the World Cup on people’s radar and cause more viewers to tune into the women’s version in 2023. This in turn could help generate more exposure for the women’s game and more people will take an interest in it.

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