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    While international women’s soccer flourishes, can we do more at club level?

    Anyone who follows women’s soccer can see the upward trajectory it has been on lately – especially internationally. The top international tournaments,for instance, have started to pick up lots of viewers and public attention. The 2022 Euros is a great example of this and not only got lots of media coverage but also saw 365 million people around the world tune in for it.While this is great news for international women’s soccer, many involved with the sport think more could be done at club level.

    This is certainly something it could take from the men’s game, where domestic soccer is just as popular as the international scene. The men’s UEFA Champions League has a major following globally, with many fans who liketo bet on games as well as watch them. If you fancy giving this a go, just remember to find the latest Champions League predictions first – this will give you the latest picks and tips to use when deciding where to put your money.

    It is fair to say that competitions like this in women’s soccer do not garner quite as much attention as those in the men’s game. It is also true that domestic female soccer is not quite as popular as international women’s soccer. But how can we do more to rectify this?

    More press coverage of club-level soccer

    One effective way in which club-level women’s soccer could become as popular as the international game is through greater levels of media coverage. While big international competitions in the women’s game (like Euro 2022) tend to get high levels of press interest, the same is not true for leagues like the National Women’s Soccer League each week.

    If this can change and club-level women’s soccer gets more attention from the press, it would bring more people into it and help it compete with the international women’s scene. More press coverage would also show people just how exciting club soccer is to follow, how enjoyable domestic games are to attend, and familiarize fans with the top players and clubs in women’s club soccer. From more coverage of club games on TV to more match reports in newspapers and more online coverage of women’s club soccer, there are a variety of ways to go about it.

    Greater investment into women’s club soccer would help

    Although recent years have seen major domestic leagues (such as Spain Women’s Primera Division) attract more investment in general, further funding would really help them grow to be on par with the international setup. This is especially true in countries that might not have a top-level women’s domestic league yet and need investment to make it happen. Greater levels of funding would also enable individual women’s club soccer leagues and teams to divert more resources into marketing and grab people’s attention.

    Of course, extra investment into women’s domestic soccer could also help more sides afford to turn fully professional and make playing club soccer a viable option for more women. This would not only see more professional teams involved in women’s domestic soccer but also bring even more talented players into it. This would not only be a good thing for club-level women’s soccer but the whole sport in general.

    Seek parity but embrace what makes domestic soccer unique

    It is fair to say that more could be done to help develop women’s club soccer in terms of parity. Many women’s club games, for example, don’t take place at major grounds that excite fans and make them want to attend. Instead, they often take place at smaller grounds, which are more difficult to get to and not as enticing to supporters. This must change in the coming years in order to make women’s club soccer more appealing for fans to attend.

    In addition, more could be done to embrace the unique selling points club soccer has and why it is so awesome to get into. This could include promoting the greater connection you get from following a team in club soccer, and the weekly action that club soccer brings when the season is on. By highlighting what makes club-level soccer so amazing, it should help this side of the game grow to compete with international matches.

    Club-level women’s soccer is awesome

    Women’s soccer in general is fantastic and this includes club games – not just the big international tournaments. While any keen fan of the women’s game knows this, the more casual fan might be unaware of what the domestic scene has to offer. It is key for the women’s game to change this and do all it can to help club-level games get the attention they deserve.

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