Dan Snyder spared of most legal issues after Republican House win: “It's over”

    Embattled Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has experienced the rockiest years of his 23-year tenure running the historic NFL franchise. Now, to his relief, things will get easier for him, as the projected Republican House win in the midterm elections will dissolve the Committee for Oversight and Reform‘s investigation into workplace misconduct and sexual harrassment allegations.

    According to Mark Maske of The Washington Post, House Ranking Member James Comer (R.- Kentucky) has issued a statement in regard to the probe: “It’s over”.

    Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives in January of 2023, making it highly unlikely for any actual consequences to take. place. Though a final report or memo will be issued on the Democratic-led investigation of the Washington Commanders and Dan Snyder.

    Amid reports of a sale, Commanders coach just wants to “focus on football”AP

    What does this mean for Dan Snyder? Will he still sell the team?

    The more than year-long official investigation into workplace misconduct and sexual harassment allegations within the Washington franchise will come to an abrupt halt. In theory, to the delight of most Washington fans, it shouldn’t alter Snyder’s plans to sell the team. If anything, it could increase the value of the Commanders in the likely sale, although the decision will ultimately be the current ownership’s.

    Dan Snyder, a Republican party mega-donor, will be spared of any legal issues the probe has brought up over the last year. The most damning was the most recent: alleged “engaging in a troubling, long-running, and potentially unlawful pattern of financial conduct that victimized thousands of team fans and the National Football League.” However, he may still face some smaller battles, like that brought forward last week by D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine.

    A mire of legal issues, which resulted in a hefty 2021 fine

    In July of 2021, the NFL fined the Washington Commanders $10 million and Dan Snyder ceded daily operations to his wife Tanya Snyder. This occurred after an investigation unearthed a “toxic” workplace culture. But no written report was issued, which prompted the U.S. House Oversight Committee to investigate and take us to where we are today.

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