Uganda to Leverage on MTN Kampala Marathon to Market Tourism

    Kampala — Uganda plans to leverage on the Kampala Marathon to market the East African nation as an ideal tourism destination.

    This follows a partnership between the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities and MTN Uganda for the upcoming MTN Kampala Marathon slated for Sunday 20 November 2022.

    Martin Mugarra, the Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities said the tourism sector hopes to use the marathon to not only raise funds towards improving maternal and newborn health facilities but also draw global attention to the country’s tourism potential.

    “Our athletes have become very famous in international marathons abroad, placing our country on the world map in athletics,” he said.

    “We, therefore, believe that MTN Kampala Marathon is a golden opportunity for us to lure fans to our tourism potential in Kampala City such as music clubs, cinemas bars and other entertainment.”

    He said Uganda is also rich in the high-value destination that offers exceptional wildlife, adventure and cultural experiences which match or exceed those of its neighbours.

    Mugarra said the tourism sector is one of the key foreign exchange earners for Uganda, generating US$1.6 billion, and employs hundreds of people directly and indirectly per annum.

    MTN Uganda Chief Executive Officer, Sylvia Mulinge, said they are delighted to have stakeholders in the tourism sector on board for the upcoming MTN Kampala Marathon.

    “Currently, countries all over the world are riding on sporting activities to promote their tourism. We, therefore, believe that the MTN Kampala Marathon will help us raise funds to save the lives of mothers and babies but also market our tourism potential.”

    Mulinge said it is only a healthy population that is able to engage in tourism activities and thus contribute to the country’s growth and development.

    Lilly Ajarova, the Chief Executive Officer at Uganda Tourism Board said MTN Kampala Marathon is of special interest to the tourism marketing agency at the time it is developing a sports tourism strategy.

    “We look at the MTN Kampala Marathon as a special opportunity to kick-start what we are already doing,” she said.

    Amos Wekesa, the Chief Executive Officer for Great Lakes Safaris said it is time for the country to market the MTN Kampala Marathon outside of Africa.

    “We need to market this internationally and attract thousands of participants who will come and fill our hotels, grow our revenues and create more jobs for our people,” he said.