A’ja Wilson wants to see increased visibility for women’s sports

    A’ja Wilson wants women’s sports to have more visibility moving forward.

    Sitting down with Taylor Rooks for the Taylor Rooks X podcast, Wilson talked about what she would like to see in women’s sports in the next 10 years.

    “I wanna see it more. I think we’re there, we’re pushing the envelope. We’re almost there, we’re cracking that glass ceiling,” she said. “But I wanna see it more, as in like – when you go to an airport in Las Vegas, see Las Vegas Aces’ gear. See the different teams in those areas.”

    Noting that in the WNBA the offseason is longer than the actual season, Wilson said that the key to growth is to take advantage of spaces where they can grow even when the league isn’t playing.

    “We’re off season more than we’re in season, but it doesn’t mean people don’t go to Vegas. It doesn’t mean that people don’t go to Phoenix and everywhere else in between,” she continued. “I think we need to see more of the WNBA teams and more women’s sports teams in airports and different situations for people to support, even though we might not be in season.

    “Even though we might not be there, I think that’s the perfect thing to do. Let them buy that jersey. Let them buy that t-shirt. That’s how we push it. If you can see her, you can be her.”

    She’s been helping to propel that growth, returning home to Columbia, South Carolina last weekend where she unveiled a refurbished outdoor basketball court in her community.

    The reigning league MVP, Wilson aims to be part of the growth of the WNBA for a long time to come. Coming off of a banner year, Wilson says her career is just getting started.

    “There’s no ceiling. I’m trying to shatter every glass ceiling there is,” she said. “I feel like there’s no ceiling for me. I’m gonna go and go until I feel like I’ve done enough. And I’m not even close to that.

    “I’m just knocking on the door [of my prime]. I’m not even there yet. I still think I have so much more to give to this game, my community and everything else in between.”

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