Kobe Bryant's 19-year-old daughter is terrified: filed a restraining order against a gun-toting stalker

    Natalia Bryant is having a difficult time lately as she is currently the victim of a gun-toting stalker. As if the past years haven’t carried enough trauma already, she has now had to file for a restraining order against a man named Dwayne Kemp.

    Dwayne Kemp has a criminal history

    Natalia who is 19 years old went to court this Monday to tell the LAPD about Dwayne Kemp and his criminal history.

    In the documents that TMZ got, there were statements from Natalia who said that Kemp tried to contact her 2 years ago when she was underage and he thought they could have a romantic relationship, which led to her completely denying him.

    She also told the LAPD that he has done everything in his power to find her and that has her terrified. He even showed up to her sorority at USC.

    He filed to buy an AK-47

    It was reported that Kemp is interested in purchasing at least a high-caliber gun including an AK-47 and a fully automatic Glock.

    Natalia said that the man tried to contact her on social media “Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully, We Can Birth Him… ‘Kobe‘”, adding a red heart to the message. The docs say he had the hopes of having “a Kobe-like child together.”

    Luckily, the LAPD did not hesitate to take her side against Kemp

    Natalia asked the court that Kemp would have to stay at least 200 yards away from all her surroundings, including her school, sorority, her job, and her car.

    The story is still developing and the court is yet to rule.

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