Will SAI’s move solve the mystery of ‘injured’ athletes in the country?

    She has not run a single national-level 400m in three years but Haryana’s Anjali Devi has been included in the Athletics Federation of India’s list of national campers for next year’s World championships, Asian championships and Asian Games.

    For the last few years, many athletes have been sent abroad for long training and competition tours but have returned without competing in a single meet.

    Were they injured? Or were they worried about something? These were the questions that kept popping up often even as the country, the multiple Asian Games champion, is unable to put together women’s mile relay teams for the majors.

    Now, the Sports Authority of India and through it, the Sports Ministry, appear keen to know why this keeps happening.

    The AFI’s national camps begin in Thiruvananthapuram, Patiala and Bengaluru on Wednesday and while clearing the athletes for these camps, the SAI has included a note regarding injuries.

    “The AFI is requested to provide information of all injuries (at the time of incidence), even the ones which require outside support, to TOPS Division for appropriate injury management,” says the SAI note in the list of national campers.

    According to AFI senior vice-president Anju Bobby George, this is the first time the SAI has specifically asked about injuries to athletes prior to national camps.

    Meanwhile, AFI president Adille Sumariwalla said the SAI has all the information.

    “We are constantly sharing information. Also, all national campers are being treated at the SAI medical centre. So they have all the information,” Sumariwalla told The Hindu on Tuesday. “This is mostly for federations whose national camps are outside SAI centres.”

    The SAI has also made it clear that the “list of campers who have reported for the camp should be forwarded to the TOPS Division immediately after the seventh day from the commencement of the camp”.

    Will these solve the mystery of the injured athletes in the country?

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