All the lies about the Pique-Shakira case: Their crying, the children in Miami…

    Several months after Shakira and Gerard Pique‘s controversial breakup, news on the subject continues to grab the headlines, but not all of the information has been correct.

    During the tough negotiations that the pair held a few weeks ago to agree on the custody of their children, some falsehoods were said in the press.

    Pique did not cry in the kitchen

    Some media reported that the 12 hours of negotiations between the former couple and their lawyers ended with the former Barcelona player crying in the kitchen of the erstwhile family home. They even said he comforted by the Colombian, saddened to see him like that.

    El Mundo indicates that there nothing could be further from the truth than this statement, since he did not cry in Shakira’s kitchen, nor did he even stop in that room of the house.

    The Spanish newspaper consulted sources close to the families of the celebrities, who denied this information for their section La Otra Cronica (LOC).

    The sources detailed that the tension between the businessman and the singer during the intense negotiations was such that on several occasions they were on the verge of breaking off the session and breaking off all contact.

    Although in the end, Pique understood that for the sake of his children, and in an act of generosity, he should accept some of Shakira’s demands. He conceded that it was better to let the children go to Miami with their mother, although with a series of conditions, beneficial both for the children and their parents.

    They also indicated that Milan and Sasha will soon go to Miami with Shakira to start their new life on the American continent. Their parents agreed that they will do so at the end of the Spanish schools’ Christmas holidays, in January.

    How was the farewell between Shakira and Pique after the meeting?

    According to LOC, the former Barcelona midfielder and the singer of Monotony said goodbye in a polite, brief and respectable manner. While she stayed at home talking to her lawyers, he went out the door with his.

    It is not true either, as has been commented on some TV shows, that Milan and Sasha will go immediately to Miami with Shakira. As mentioned previously, they will finish the school term in Spain first.

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