Soccer Gratitude: What We’re Thankful For This Year

    The year 2022 has been an up-and-down roller coaster. But the best part is that our world seems like it is moving into a different stage of the pandemic: one where we have ways to navigate the everyday aspects of our lives. We went so long without playing or watching soccer or seeing our teammates. But, this year, we saw the return of the game we all love, from watching pro soccer in a stadium to club and high school soccer. So, we have a lot to be thankful for and grateful for this year!


    Watching Soccer 

    From the Women’s Euro to the NWSL to NCAA, elite soccer has been nothing short of incredible. Record attendance levels are being broken across the board, which is great to see after missing watching in-person soccer for so long. There’s just no replacement for that energetic atmosphere.


    Road Trips to Games

    We realized how much we missed those car and bus rides with many clubs and school soccer programs back in full swing. Those moments of team bonding are irreplaceable. Absolutely nothing beats jamming to music and being goofy with your teammates on the way to your soccer game. We’re thankful for those priceless moments of teammates sharing their love for soccer. 


    Early Wakeups 

    Maybe this isn’t the most glorious part of 2022, but it’s still something to be grateful for. From waking up early to watch an anticipated game like the Women’s Euro final to getting up at the crack of dawn to carpool to your game, sacrificing a little bit of sleep for the beautiful game is something we shouldn’t take for granted. Even though it’s difficult, waking up early determines a routine, something that helps us all thrive.


    Soccer Gear

    After it had been tucked away for so long during the peak of the pandemic, there is nothing better than pulling out those cleats and lacing ‘em up. From uniforms to pre-wrap, we’re glad that we can finally show off some fire soccer ‘fits again. Not to mention, we’re grateful to see a new era of the stunning USWNT kit.


    Playing the Beautiful Game

    Of course, how could we ever forget that the greatest thing to be thankful for this year is playing soccer? In previous years, it was immensely difficult to get through without playing soccer, but with the full-fledged return this year, we are more appreciative than ever for the game, teammates, coaches, refs, and parents. 


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