In the world of cricket, where precision and power collide, the choice of your bat can make all the difference. SS, a name synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, presents the SS Original Player Cricket Bat Range 2023. These exquisite cricket bats are crafted to meet the exacting standards of elite cricketers, offering an exceptional blend of artistry and performance. Each bat in this range is a testament to SS’s unwavering commitment to excellence, designed to empower players with the tools they need to excel on the pitch. Join us as we delve into the world of these masterpieces, exclusively available to the cricketing community through Cricket Store Online.

    The SS Sky Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 is a true masterpiece designed for modern-day cricket players. Crafted from premium Grade 1+ English willow, this bat delivers exceptional performance and durability. Its full-profile shape and medium round handle provide a comfortable grip and superior control. The stunning dark blue finish and a multitude of straight and even grains give it an elegant look. What truly sets it apart is the incredible ping it produces, making every shot count.

    This bat is a testament to SS’s dedication to innovation and performance. With a weight ranging between 1145 – 1175 grams, it’s accessible to players of all skill levels. It boasts 9 – 13 grains and a spotless front and back face. The unfinished toe adds an extra layer of durability to the bat, ensuring it remains your trusted companion on the field for seasons to come.

    SS Nicholas Pooran Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

    The SS Nicholas Pooran Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 is a Grade 1+ English willow bat that excels in performance and durability. Its sleek design and lightweight build offer unparalleled control and precision. The medium round handle ensures a comfortable grip, while the extended sweet spot empowers you to generate maximum power and speed. With 8-11 straight grains, thick edges, and a thick bottom, this bat is a precision instrument on the field.

    This bat is endorsed by the explosive West Indian batsman Nicholas Pooran, a testament to its remarkable quality and performance. With a weight ranging between 1150-1175 grams, it’s an ideal choice for players looking to dominate the game. The extended sweet spot means that even mishits can travel a long way. The bat’s clean willow and 8-11 grains ensure you’re wielding a true powerhouse.

    SS Tim David Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

    If you are looking for a bat that offers incredible performance and style, the SS Tim David Original Player Bat 2023 is perfect. The SS Tim David Cricket Bat 2023 has a traditional mid to low profile and weighs around 1155 – 1145 grams. Like other bats in this lot, this bat also has a fantastic pickup. It has a round handle and a thick unfinished toe with excellent SS branding on the front face of the bat. The bat has 11- 17 dark grains and a soft ping, making it an excellent choice for batsmen who prefer a soft feel to their bat.

    This bat is inspired by Tim David, a versatile batsman known for his ability to play crucial innings. Crafted from the finest materials, it combines power and precision, making it a valuable asset for any cricketer. Its striking black and dark grey aesthetics ensure it stands out on the field, while its lightweight design guarantees excellent maneuverability. The pre-installed toe guard adds to its overall durability and protection, so you can focus on your game with confidence.

    SS Ton Shimron Hetmyer Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

    The SS Ton Shimron Hetmyer Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 exemplifies SS’s commitment to quality and precision. Adorned with the striking Ton sticker in a vibrant red color, this bat weighs approximately 1140 grams, ensuring easy handling for players of various skill levels. It features an abundance of grains, making it a standout performer on the pitch.

    The bat’s profile closely resembles SS Original Johnny Bairstow cricket bats, making it the ideal choice for players who seek a specific type of bat. Its large sweet spot strikes the perfect balance between power and control, while the absence of a toe guard doesn’t diminish its durability or longevity. With every stroke, you’ll experience the remarkable ping that defines SS cricket bats.

    The SS Ton Devon Conway Cricket Bat 2023 boasts Ton stickering and a semi-oval slim handle. Weighing around 1180 – 1165 grams, this bat has a clean face adorned with nine straight grains. Its bottom-heavy design packs tremendous power for striking the ball. The bat delivers a phenomenal ping, a testament to SS’s superior build quality and unwavering commitment to performance.

    This bat is a testament to SS’s dedication to excellence. Its substantial edges and a bottom rich in clefts empower you to execute powerful strokes consistently. The absence of a toe guard doesn’t compromise its durability. When you wield the SS Ton Devon Conway Cricket Bat, you’re holding an instrument that amplifies your potential on the cricket field.

    SS Ton DJ Bravo Original Player Bat 2023

    The SS Ton DJ Bravo Original Player Bat 2023 is endorsed by one of the most beloved players in cricket, DJ Bravo. It features a high-quality semi-oval handle and is crafted from air-dried super grade 1 quality English willow. The bat’s well-balanced design caters to match-winners who excel in all forms of the game.

    With a huge sweet spot, power-hitting capability, and precise control, this bat is the go-to choice for versatile batsmen. Its weight range of medium (2.9lb-2.12lb) ensures it suits a wide range of players. The Ton DJ Bravo bat is engineered to make an impact, allowing you to change the course of the match with your batting prowess.

    The SS Ton Keiron Pollard Original Player Bat 2023 is designed for those who love to smash boundaries and dictate the game’s outcome. This bat boasts an impeccable weight, balance, swing, aerodynamics, counterbalance, and weight ratio. Its generous playing area and powerful sweet spot enable you to send the ball soaring out of the park with ease.

    With a weight range of medium (2.9lb-2.12lb), it suits a variety of players. Its impeccable balance ensures you can effortlessly switch between aggressive strokes and precise placements. If you aspire to be a match-winner like Keiron Pollard, this bat awaits you in our store, ready to help you make your mark on the cricketing world.

    The SS Ravindra Jadeja RJ8 Cricket Bat 2023 is a monumental cricket bat, constructed with an abundance of clefts that challenge even the measuring gauge. Adorned with striking stickers and featuring a grippy handle texture, this bat boasts 8 – 12 straight and equidistant grains. Its almost semi-oval handle and weight ranging from 1140 – 1180 grams make it a commanding presence on the pitch.

    This bat’s colossal edges and ample clefts in the bottom make it a powerful weapon for striking the ball. Crafted from Grade 1 premium quality English willow, it delivers a remarkable ping. With the SS Ravindra Jadeja RJ8 Cricket Bat, you’re equipped to dominate the game, whether you’re a powerful hitter or a precision striker.

    SS Ton Johnny Bairstow Cricket Bat 2023

    The SS Ton Johnny Bairstow Cricket Bat 2023 is a celebration of style and performance. This bat features striking Ton branding with Johnny Bairstow’s signature engraved. It’s constructed from the finest English willow, showcasing 10+ straight and dark grains that enhance its visual appeal.

    With an almost duckbill toe profile and a sweet spot in the lower midsection, this bat provides the ideal balance for lofted drives and shots. Weighing approximately 1180 – 1200 grams, the bat feels remarkably light in the pickup, around 1160 grams. Adding an extra grip can enhance the bat’s pickup and balance. The SS Ton Johnny Bairstow Cricket Bat delivers an excellent ping, as expected of an original player bat.

    The SS Elite Sourav Ganguly Cricket Bat 2023 marries elegance and performance in one remarkable package. It features a full-profile design with a slight duckbill toe, reminiscent of Virat Kohli’s cricket bat profile. With a slim round handle and a weight of around 1140 – 1200 grams, this bat offers excellent maneuverability on the field.

    Crafted from premium quality Grade 1 English willow with 7-13 grains on its sleek rounded front face, this bat is a visual delight. Its distinctive duckbill toe profile enhances the sweet spot, allowing for powerful swings and confident strokes. Thick edges and a sturdy toe provide a substantial feel when connecting with the ball.

    SS Ton Quinton De Kock Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

    The SS Ton Quinton De Kock Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 is a top-of-the-line bat that offers exceptional grip and balance. The bat’s handle is slim and round, with SS branding that adds to its aesthetic appeal. Featuring nine straight and dark grains, it’s a beautiful addition to any player’s kit.

    With a traditional player profile and a mid to low profile, the bat boasts a higher apex than Nicholas Pooran’s cricket bat. Weighing between 1150 – 1190 grams, it provides excellent stability and control. The extended sweet spot, along with 40mm thick edges, ensures this bat is a force to be reckoned with, no matter the pitch conditions. It’s a testament to SS’s unwavering commitment to top-grade willow and impeccable craftsmanship.

    The SS Rinku Singh Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 is a versatile, full-profile cricket bat without concaving. With 10+ dark, consistent grains and a unique concentration of wood in the mid-to-low section of the bat’s face, this bat is a powerhouse. Weighing 1140 – 1180 grams, it may feel a bit heavier during play, but the payoff is an exceptional ping that underlines its high-quality craftsmanship. The addition of edge tape ensures added durability and protection.

    This bat stands out for its exceptional performance, combining power and precision. It’s designed for players who seek that extra edge in their game. With the SS Rinku Singh Original Player Cricket Bat, you’re equipped to face any challenge on the cricket field.

    SS Ton Andre Russel Original Player Bat 2023

    In the realm of cricketing prowess, the name Andre Russel resonates with raw power and unrelenting aggression. It’s only fitting that SS has crafted the SS TON ANDRE RUSSEL(AR) Original Player Bat to match the dynamism of this renowned cricketer. Weighing between 2lb 8oz and 2lb 10oz, this bat feels remarkably light in the hands, providing batters with the freedom to unleash aggressive shots with precision. Featuring 8-9 straight, clean grains and a robust toe, this bat bears the distinctive markings of a player-graded masterpiece.

    What truly sets this bat apart is its colossal sweet spot, spanning from the mid to low position. When the leather meets the willow, the result is a satisfying ping that reverberates with every stroke. The SS TON ANDRE RUSSEL(AR) Original Player Bat is more than just a cricket bat; it’s a testament to the fusion of power and finesse, designed to elevate your performance to new heights.

    The name David Malan is synonymous with elegance and precision in the cricketing world, and the SS TON DAVID MALAN(DM) Original Player Bat embodies these qualities flawlessly. This bat is a testament to SS’s commitment to excellence, with a design that ensures top-tier performance. Crafted from the world’s finest Grade 1+ English willow, these bats weigh approximately 2.8 to 2.10 lbs. The pickup on this bat is exceptionally light, offering batters unrivaled control.

    With 10-11 straight grains adorning its face, the SS Ton David Malan bat guarantees peak performance. It features a full-profile design with a slight duckbill toe, reminiscent of the finest player-grade cricket bats. The edges, a generous 40mm thick, enhance the bat’s hitting prowess, making it an ideal companion for those seeking to consistently strike massive shots. The oval handle with a single grip on top is a rarity among player bats, providing a unique touch to this masterpiece. With weight distributed evenly throughout the bat, and thick shoulders ensuring a swift pickup, the SS TON DAVID MALAN(DM) Original Player Bat redefines the art of elegant batting.


    In the game of cricket, where every stroke and every moment counts, the SS Original Player Cricket Bat Range 2023 stands as a symbol of aspiration and achievement. These bats are not mere instruments; they are the embodiment of a cricketer’s dreams and determination. With the SS Original Player bats in hand, players carry a legacy of excellence and precision. As we conclude our exploration of these remarkable cricketing companions, we invite you to elevate your game, make your mark, and become a part of the storied tradition of SS cricketing brilliance. Step onto the pitch with confidence, armed with the best, and script your cricketing success story with SS.

    You can visit our expert blog to see detailed reviews of these Original player cricket bats. To buy these premium quality cricket bats, visit the Cricket Store Online!

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