WWE officially confirms Nia Jax injured Rhea Ripley and one other star on her return

    Nia Jax returned at WWE RAW last week, attacking Rhea Ripley and Raquel Rodriguez after being absent from the company since the Royal Rumble. The assault left questions about how badly she had hurt them. Now WWE has confirmed that Nia injured them and what the extent of their injuries was.

    Jax immediately assaulted Raquel Rodriguez during her championship match, taking her out. On top of that, she attacked an unsuspecting Rhea Ripley after the match, who thought that Jax would contain her frustrations only to Raquel.

    On WWE RAW tonight, the company confirmed that Nia Jax had not only hurt one star during her return but injured them both. When it came to Ripley, it was confirmed that Jax had given her “bruised ribs,” and Raquel Rodriguez had suffered whiplash from the attack.

    Jax’s utter dominance immediately after her return has also sent a signal as to her position in the company.

    WWE veteran Stevie Richards even took to YouTube to analyze and point out where exactly the issue was with how Jax had attacked Ripley and how it might have hurt the Women’s World Champion.

    It remains to be seen what she does next, but it’s clear that Nia Jax won’t be contained to just being on the sidelines on RAW.

    Are you excited to see Jax back in WWE? Sound off in the comments section below.

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