Bills safety taken from field in ambulance after collision

    There was a scary scene at the end of the first half of Sunday’s game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets when Bills safety Taylor Rapp had to be taken off the field in an ambulance.

    It was a harsh reminder of last season’s game when Buffalo defensive back Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac episode on the field in Cincinnati. Fortunately for Rapp and everybody involved here, this incident was not as severe.

    Rapp was attempting to make a tackle on Jets running back Breece Hall when his shoulder and helmet hit Hall’s helmets. Bills defensive back Taron Johnson was also injured on the play, and initially seemed to be the one with the more significant injury. But Rapp could be see close to the Bills sideline pulling on his shoulder pad before falling to the ground. 

    He remained on the field for several moments before leaving in an ambulance.

    The encouraging news is that for as scary as the scene looked with the ambulance, the CBS broadcast reported that Rapp remained in the locker room and was not taken to a hospital. 

    The Bills announced him as being officially out with a neck injury. 

    Rapp spent the first four years of his career with the Los Angeles Rams before joining the Bills this offseason. 

    He has appeared in 10 games as a depth player. 

    The Bills’ secondary has been crushed by injuries this season, and with Rapp and Johnson both going down on the same play it only complicates their depth chart in the defensive backfield. 

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