The Best Ways to Manage Stress According to Pro Soccer Players

    Stress: the ever-pervasive common denominator. We all experience stress regularly, whether it’s at school or work. The same is true for professional soccer. Professional soccer players are under stress just like you and me, but these pros have found ways to manage the stress and find that work-life balance we all strive for. Let’s what these professional soccer players have to say about handling stress like a Pro. Without further ado, here are the best tips to manage stress according to pro soccer players.


    Good Stress or Bad Stress

    The best way to manage stress is to identify the different types of stress. There is good stress and bad stress. The type of stress we are usually talking about is bad stress that hinders our health and performance.

    Soccer pros like Ashley Hatch have mastered how to manage bad stress. Hatch cites breathing techniques and finding her center of calm as the best way that she handles stress. Hatch told the Washington Post that during stressful moment,s such as during game day, she employs a technique called the “sigh breath” to find her calm–staying centered by focusing on her breathwork and visualization helps her stay present. 

    If professional athletes such as Ashley Hatch can take a few moments during high-stress moments, such as a penalty kick, to take a breath and center herself, then you can too!


    Celebrate the Wins

    In everyday life, we are often attached to the outcome, whether a big work accomplishment or trying a new recipe for the first time. However, in the stress of attempting to achieve said outcome, we often forget to celebrate our wins.

    Whether you’re a gold medal Olympic soccer player or just like you and me, celebrating your wins, no matter how small, is a big part of being able to manage stress appropriately. Taking a moment to recognize yourself for your effort and hard work is not only a good way to keep yourself motivated but also a great way to reduce stress. 

    Many pro soccer players are avid proponents of the benefits of meditation to reduce stress. Professional athletes such as Georgia Yeoman-Dale note that meditation has helped them tremendously. Taking a few days out of her day to meditate has made all the difference for pro soccer players such as Christen Press. Meditation has been proven to not only reduce stress but also enhance the performance of athletes during high-stress situations such as penalty kicks or the last few minutes of an important game.

    Clearing your mind, taking five minutes to breathe, and focusing on affirmations, goals, or even a guided meditation can be the difference between a stress-filled and a stress-free day. 


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