Super Bowl LVIII First Touchdown Celebration Odds

    Super Bowl LVIII first touchdown celebration odds have been priced up by BetOnline and it’s +3300 a player brings the Moonwalk back into fashion. The Gronk Spike and the Squabble look more realistic and you can bet on this and hundreds of other markets at BetOnline.

    How To Place Super Bowl Novelty Bets With BetOnline

    1. Create a BetOnline account
    2. Deposit $200
    3. Receive your $100 free bet
    4. Place your stakes on betting specials

    +3300 Odds On The Moonwalk To Be The First TD Celebration 

    With 25 different options on offer, BetOnline is giving you the chance to bet on all manner of celebrations appearing first at Super Bowl LVIII – and receive a free bet in the process.

    Touchdown celebrations have become a huge part of the spectacle of NFL games. From acrobatic flips to trending dance moves, players love to express themselves when they score.

    Current NFL betting odds have the San Francisco 49ers at -130 while the Kansas City Chiefs are +110, so it may be more likely we see a 49ers player leading the first touchdown celebration at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

    And at +3300, the moonwalk is among the biggest odds of any potential celebration.

    If any player does decide to pay homage to Michael Jackson following the first score of the night, you could win big.

    Super Bowl First Touchdown Celebration Odds With BetOnline

    Below is the full odds list of possible touchdown celebrations we could see first at Super Bowl LVIII.

    Which Touchdown Celebration Will Happen First?

    • Gronk Spike +500
    • The Squabble +600
    • Home Run Hit +700
    • Lambeau Leap +800
    • Griddy +900
    • Bow-and-arrow +1000
    • Ronaldo +1200
    • LeBron +1200
    • Backflip +1500
    • Frontflip +1500
    • Back Flip +1500
    • Front Flip +1500
    • Icky Shuffle +2000
    • Dirty Bird +2000
    • Deion High Step +2500
    • Salsa Dance +2500
    • Moss Moon +2500
    • Funky Chicken +2500
    • “Key & Peele” Pump +2500
    • Snow Angel +2500
    • The Carlton +3300
    • Moonwalk +3300
    • DeVito Finger Rub +3300
    • Flying Bird +3300
    • Sign Language +3300

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