Top ‘Super Sick Monday’ Excuses For Super Bowl 2024

    Super Bowl fever is sweeping the country with the 49ers and Chiefs set to do battle on Sunday, but the day after sees a ‘fever’ of a different kind as millions of Americans reach for the best ‘Super Sick Monday’ excuses in a bid to skip work.

    What Is Super Sick Monday?

    Super Sick Monday is the day after the day before.

    In short, it’s the Super Bowl hangover day – that’s been given a name as around 16 million US workers call in sick on Monday.

    The sensible NFL fans, will book the day off, but competing for holiday requests the day after the Super Bowl can often be a tricky ballgame.

    All these results to American Football fans resorting to telling a few white lies in order to get the day off work.

    Some petitioners and even states lawmakers have known in the past to have lobbied for the day to be made into an official holiday to ease the ‘Super Bowl Super Sick’ excuses.

    Super Sick Monday Will See Over 16 Million Super Bowl 2024 Fans Skip Work

    So, with this, the day AFTER the Super Bowl has a name – step forward SUPER SICK MONDAY.

    The title does exactly what it says on the tin as the Monday after the big Super Bowl highs will naturally follow with even bigger lows.

    This has seen the day after the Super Bowl being dubbed – Super Sick Monday – with millions of bosses around America expected to have their phones ringing off the hook on February 12.

    The Super Bowl pros, would have booked off the Monday as holiday – probably as soon as the last one finished – but there will still be millions of NFL rookies out there that will be waking up with a reaching for a ‘bowl’ of a different kind.

    Therefore, with Super Bowl Super Sick Monday now ‘a thing’ – here at SportsLens we thought we’ve give the people that contribute to this massive 16 million stat a reference point for some possible sickie excuses.

    Six Funny ‘Super Sick Monday’ Excuses To Use After Super Bowl 2024

    1. I Put My Back Out Dancing To Taylor Swift Songs All Night (applies to Swifties and Chiefs fans)

    With Taylor Swift seemingly bigger than the Super Bowl this year, then why not tell your boss you got carried away with ‘Swift Fever’ and put your back out dancing through the night to big hits like ‘ Love Story’ and ‘Blank Space’.

    Note: This might not work if you’re a 49ers fan.

    2. It Slipped My Mind – I’m Actually Getting Married Today

    How about this one?  I’ve been meaning to tell you for months now – but it’s actually my wedding day today. Okay, I know it’s a weird day to get married, but it worked out a lot cheaper.

    Plus, I may also need a few extras weeks – as I’ll be off on my honeymoon later today.

    Note: If you get away with this, you’ll have to return to work wearing a wedding ring to back up the story (or looking sad)

    3. I Think I’m Pregnant (only applies to the ladies, or aliens)

    I thought I’d eaten too much mac ‘n’ cheese when watching the Super Bowl – however, strangely it turns out my increased belly is due to being pregnant and I’m going to need to start my maternity leave now.

    Note: Men can flip this excuse on it’s head, by simply saying their partner or wife had an unexpected baby last night.

    4. I’ve Just Discovered My House Is Haunted

    When watching Super Bowl 2024, I started to hear some funny noises in the basement – it turns out we’ve got a poltergeist, so I’m spending today ringing round ghost hunters.

    5. The Exhaust On My Car Has Fallen Off Overnight

    Start with – “I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl or follow the NFL” to help ease the blow. I was actually up early today, having gone to bed at 6pm last night. Only to walk outside to find my car exhaust has fallen off.

    I was never taught how to ride a bike and have also twisted my ankle, so I can’t even ad-lib and walk or ride to work.

    6. I Washed All My Pants At The Same Time (and have no clothes to wear)

    I was a bit spaced out last night and have seemed to have washed ALL my pants accidently. So unfortunately they’ve not had time to dry and I don’t have any spares. It’s cold and the middle of February so I can’t wear shorts – therefore, for the sake of health and safety I can’t come into work in just my pants.

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