What Is An Octopus Bet? Super Bowl LVIII Prop Betting Odds

    It’s one of the rarest prop markets available, often with super long odds – but what is an octopus bet and could we see one in Super Bowl LVIII?

    This year, the Kansas City Chiefs hope to defend their title and go back-to-back.

    Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and the Chiefs will face off with Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in Las Vegas.

    With sports betting growing in the US each year, more and more niche markets are becoming common betting options for NFL fans.

    One such wager is the elusive octopus, which had never occurred during the Super Bowl until last season.

    What Is An Octopus Bet?

    Named because of the eight points it earns, an octopus in football is when a player scores a touchdown and then rushes or receives for the subsequent two-point conversion.

    Last year, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts ran in both a touchdown and the two-point conversion as his side lost to the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

    Jalen Hurts managed an octopus in last year’s Super Bowl vs the Kansas City Chiefs

    Will There Be An Octopus At Super Bowl LVIII?

    Considering an octopus has only happened once in Super Bowl history, it may seem like a risky wager.

    But before you dismiss this rare prop bet, it’s worth considering the reasons it may happen again this year.

    The octopus itself isn’t all that uncommon in the modern NFL. Although happening only once in the Super Bowl, there have been 188 recorded octopi in the NFL since 1994.

    In the 272 regular season games in 2023, there were 11 octopi. Both Super Bowl teams this year also have players who have scored an octopus before.

    In 2022, Patrick Mahomes scored one during the Chiefs’ 20-17 regular season win against the Tennessee Titans.

    And San Francisco running back Christian McCaffrey got an octopus back in 2019. Though, he was actually playing against the 49ers for the Carolina Panthers.

    Obviously, it’s easy to see why the octopus is rare. Neither team in this year’s Super Bowl has one in the regular season.

    The 49ers haven’t even attempted a two-point conversion in 2023. But on the biggest stage, in a win-or-die game, there’s every chance head coach Kyle Shanahan could mix up his playbook.

    Christian McCaffrey is the league leader in rushing yards, and goes up against the 17th-ranked run defense on Sunday, so they could well go to him on back-to-back scoring plays when it really matters.

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    Christian McCaffrey is the NFL’s leader in rushing yards this season

    Super Bowl LVIII Octopus Odds

    With our trusted offshore sportbook, BetOnline, you can get odds of +1200 on an octopus happening in this year’s Super Bowl.

    That means if you bet $10 on ‘yes’, you will win $120 if there is an octopus in Sunday’s game.

    BetOnline – Will There Be An Octopus:

    No -5000

    How To Place An Octopus Bet With BetOnline

    Betting on an octopus at the Super Bowl is easy with BetOnline, and they even offer up to $1,000 in welcome bonuses.

    Just use the link below and then follow a few simple steps:

    1. Sign-Up With BetOnline

    The above link will take you to BetOnline’s signup page. They will ask for a few details, but unlike US-based sportsbooks, you wont need to enter your passport details or social security number.

    Please do be aware though that BetOnline’s sportsbook bonus is only available to new customers.

    After making your account, you’ll be able to bet from anywhere in the US, including restricted states.

    2. Deposit As A New Customer

    Deposit limits are set at a minimum of $55 and maximum of $2,000.

    BetOnline will match 50% of whatever you deposit, meaning a $2,000 deposit gives you a $1,000 bonus.

    3. Bet On An Octopus At The NFL Super Bowl

    Once you’ve placed a deposit, you just need to find the octopus market and place your bet.

    From the homepage, select NFL, then find the Super Bowl tab on the left-hand side. You’ll then need to select ‘added game props’ from the drop-down menu.

    Then, just scroll down to the market you want to bet on, in this case ‘Will there be an Octopus?’

    Once you’ve found the market, add it to your bet slip and choose your wager amount, then place your bet.

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