Joy Taylor keeps calm during eathquake on live TV while co-hosts panic

    Joy Taylor was speaking about Patrick Mahomes‘ legacy compared to Tom Brady‘s on Friday ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers when a powerful earthquake shook the studio during the live television segment. She did not miss a beat.


    The other hosts of the FS1 show “Speak” commended Taylor for her composure. Emmanuel Acho took to X (Twitter) to share a clip of the scary moment and admitted he was spooked.

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    “We just had an Earthquake on live television,” Acho tweeted. “It was crazy! I don’t know how Joy Taylor held her composure. I was like [scared emoji].”

    The other two co-hosts, LeSean McCoy and James Jones, joked that Taylor’s take about Mahomes needing seven rings to be greater than Brady literally shook the Earth.

    Joy Taylor is a professional

    During the earthquake, Taylor briefly acknowledged it, but quickly went back to delivering her take, unlike the others.

    Acho, McCoy and Jones all made sure to let viewers know how scary the moment was, while Taylor kept the show on track.

    Taylor is among the best broadcasters and once again proved it with her composure, but Mahomes needing seven rings to be greater than Brady is just plain wrong.

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