9 Things You Didn’t Know About Trinity Rodman

    Just about everyone knows the name Trinity Rodman at this point, but we’d love to get to know her better. Here are some of the most interesting facts about this superstar. 


    Raised by a super mom

    When it comes to her parents, it’s easy to talk about her father and his record in the NBA, but Rodman would prefer the spotlight to be on her mother, Michelle. Even though her parents were legally married until 2012, Rodman, her mother, and her brother always lived separately from Dennis, which made Michelle the primary caregiver. Rodman has always celebrated her mom as her number-one fan and supporter. Let’s give it up for this incredible soccer mom! 


    A published author

    Released back in March of 2022, Rodman officially became a published children’s author. Her book, Wake Up and Kick It With Trinity Rodman, is about her journey as a soccer star and is meant to inspire kids in their own unique and exciting pursuits. The book was published in partnership with Addidas, which donated 5,000 books to charity. 


    When I grow up 

    Even though Trinity started playing soccer at age four and took to it immediately, she didn’t always know she wanted to be a pro. Before she set her sights on the big leagues, she wanted to be a make-up artist. 


    A winding road to the pros

    Rodman’s journey to the NWSL wasn’t exactly conventional. Originally, Rodman was all set to become a UCLA Bruin but switched things up before the season started to join her brother at Washington State in 2020. But as with most things in 2020, that didn’t go according to plan either. Her freshman year season was canceled due to the pandemic, and rather than sticking around for the next year, Rodman decided to head straight to the pros instead—becoming the youngest (at the time) player drafted to the NWSL. 


    Youth career

    Rodman has kind of always had an incredible career. Back in her youth soccer days, she played for SoCal Blues and won four ECNL championships. What’s even more impressive is that her team had a five-year streak of going undefeated. She also only played one year of high school soccer; after transferring to JSerra Catholic High School from Corona Del Mar, she focused on club ball. 


    Superstition tradition 

    We, as Socceristas, have a tendency to be a superstitious bunch, and pros like Rodman are no exception. She is not setting foot on that field unless she has her black pre-wrap. 


    Gamer girl

    Competitive on and off the pitch, Rodman is a little bit obsessed with her PS5. She listed the gaming console as one of her absolute must-haves and never goes on long trips without it. Her go-to game is Fortnite, and in true little sister fashion, she used to sneak into her brother’s room to play it when he wasn’t around. It is her number one stress reliever and a great form of escapism. 



    Trinity Rodman has great relationships with a ton of her teammates, but she and Ashley Sanchez are ride or die for each other. The two clicked over years of play with the youth national team and on the NWSL. 


    Rom-com reader

    Rodman is an avid Colleen Hoover fan. She credits the romance writer as making a reader of her. Before she found Hoover’s books, Rodman said she hadn’t read much since high school, but now she can’t put them down. 


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