How has technology impacted the sport of cricket?

    Cricket is a globally beloved sport renowned for its entertainment value. Enthusiasts worldwide fervently follow every thrilling match between competing teams.

    The game of Cricket has undergone significant changes since its inception owing to technological advancements. People can even play online cricket to enjoy from home. Try Crickex refer code to join exciting online matches now.  One notable transformation includes the third umpire review system and replay technology, which have augmented the sport’s accuracy and fairness. Yet, technology’s influence on Cricket extends far beyond these innovations. As a remarkable facet of science, technology has permeated nearly every aspect of human life, and Cricket is no exception. In this article, we will show you how technology has changed the game of Cricket.

    How has technology changed Cricket?

    Cricket is a sport that dates back to the 16th century, but its international debut came in 1844 with a match between the United States and Canada. In those early years, there was no scope for recording the game or transmitting it to viewers around the world. However, over time, cricket has become a highly popular sport that is played and watched globally.

    Advancements in technology have revolutionized cricket, making it more accessible and entertaining than ever before. Nowadays, cricket fans can watch matches from the comfort of their homes on their TV or mobile screens, and they can stay updated with live scores and highlights via social media platforms. The utilization of modern technology has brought about a significant shift in the way cricket was traditionally played.

    Modern technologies that have changed the Cricket

    In the last few years, technology has had a big effect on the game of Cricket. Some ways that technology has changed the game are as follows:

    Decision Review System (DRS)

    The decision review system was first introduced in 2008. The DRS has changed the decision-making process for umpires in cricket matches. This system lets players challenge umpires’ calls. The third umpire reviews the appeal of players by using technologies like ball tracking and hotspots. It broadly facilitates the game.


    Hawk-Eye technology tracks ball delivery details such as length or line. This technology allows umpires and commentators to chase the balls’ movement. You can use this system to tell if a bowler has gone over the crease or a batsman has been out or not. This system uses six cameras to provide a three-dimensional visual of the ball.


    The Snickometer detects the sound of the ball hitting the bat. This technology is made up of sound and heat sensors. This technology is used to make more accurate LBW (Leg Before Wicket) decisions. Umpires can tell if the ball has touched the bat with this system.

    LED Stumps

    LED stumps are examples of easy but excellent technology in Cricket. It benefits the umpire to make the right decision about a runout. When the bails are taken off, the LED lights up, making it clear that a wicket has been taken.

    Monitoring Player Fitness

    Technology has also made it easier for coaches and other staff to keep an eye on how to fit players are. You can track players’ movements, heart rates, and other vital signs by using wearable GPS kits. This technology provides players with valuable information about their health so that they can improve their performance. Players can also get suggestions for their routine workout and diet with this technology.

    Cricket Bat Sensor

    The cricket bat sensor was first introduced in 2018. This technology helps batters to analyze the statistics of their shots. When you see a batsman hit a shot at 100 km or more speed, you cheer for the batsman. This rate is recorded with cricket bat sensor technology.

    Pitch vision

    Pitch vision is an awesome technology for ballers. With the help of this technology, bowlers can monitor their bowling speed, length, foot position, bounce rate, etc. This technology helps bowlers and coaches to improve their capabilities.


    Hope you got some idea about how technology has changed the game of Cricket. Technology has been a game-changer for cricket, enhancing its accessibility, entertainment value, and fairness. As technology continues to evolve, it is likely that cricket will continue to benefit from new innovations and advancements, further improving the sport for players and fans alike.

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