Monday Roundup: Robotaxi backlash, jaywalking reform, and more

    Welcome to the week.

    Here are the most notable stories our community came across in the past seven days…

    More youth e-bike laws: A California rep from San Diego County wants to ban e-bikes for the 12 and under set and require state-issued IDs and a riders test to get one before hopping on for everyone else. (Rancho Santa Fe Review)

    Decriminalize jaywalking: Washington did a statewide analysis of people stopped by police for crossing streets in an illegal way and found disturbing trends in who gets stopped, how they are treated by police, and other things that show legal reform around “jaywalking” cannot happen soon enough. (Streetsblog USA)

    Mr. Transit speaks: Portland-based transit expert Jarret Walker has published a new update of his excellent book, Human Transit, and one of America’s foremost transit journalists asked him excellent questions about it. (Bloomberg City Lab)

    Autopilot death machines: A man accused of hitting and killing someone with their Tesla told investigators he might have been driving on autopilot and checking emails when it happened. Disgusting regulatory failure! But yes, let’s make sure to regulate kids riding e-bikes ASAP! (Star Tribune)

    Equity and traffic death: Road safety advocates in NYC say that city’s Vision Zero program is working — but only in neighborhoods where more white people live. In some parts of the city, the death toll is actually going up. (Gothamist)

    Drive-thru dangers: The proximity of a major biking and walking path spurred council members to pass an ordinance that bans drive-throughs and gas stations in Atlanta. (11 Alive)

    Cost of (heavy) cars: Another reason many of us are concerned about e-cars is because of their increased weight. Now there’s a study showing how costly and dangerous it is for all of us when these heavy vehicles hit roadway infrastructure like guardrails. (Slate)

    Robotaxi outrage: A crowd vandalized, destroyed, and then set ablaza a robotaxi operated by Waymo in San Francisco over the weekend. A reader who shared this with us said it might have been in response to an earlier collision with a bicycle rider. (San Francisco StandardReuters)

    Thanks to everyone who sent in links this week. The Monday Roundup is a community effort, so please feel free to send us any great stories you come across.

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