Taylor Swift soured Kristin Juszczyk's birthday after helping her with her design business

    Kristin Juszczyk‘s venture into fashion design took an unexpected turn thanks to Taylor Swift‘s support during the NFL playoffs, but as the Super Bowl showdown approaches, their alliances diverge.

    For Juszczyk, seeing Swift don her custom-designed jacket was a momentous occasion, described as the “honor of a lifetime” on her Instagram.

    Taylor Swift channels her inner Jason Kelce with a wild-style beer chug at Super Bowl LVIIITwitter

    “[Swift] single-handedly catapulted my career,” Juszczyk told Today.

    “I’ve been at this for years. When I saw her walk out in that jacket, it just like, brought me to tears.”

    Fashion has long been Juszczyk‘s passion, but it wasn’t until the last five years that she decided to infuse her love for clothing with her dedication to her husband’s team. Tired of the mundane T-shirts and jerseys, she took matters into her own hands.

    The spotlight truly shone on Juszczyk when Swift sported her custom Kelce-themed puffer jacket during a pivotal playoff match against the Miami Dolphins.

    A meteoric rise

    This sparked a series of events that culminated in a significant licensing deal with the NFL, granting her permission to incorporate league logos into her designs, as reported by Sportico.

    Front Office Sports captured her meteoric rise in a social media post, just a glimpse of the attention she’s likely to receive with the Super Bowl on the horizon.

    In the span of a month, Juszczyk‘s achievements are nothing short of extraordinary: from crafting bespoke pieces for Swift to securing lucrative deals with major brands such as Invisalign and Gatorade.

    Furthermore, she’s utilized her platform to raise over $75,000 for breast cancer research-an inspiring feat in itself. And as fate would have it, a couple of days ago marked her 30th birthday, adding another layer of celebration to her whirlwind journey.

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