CADEX’s 2024 Lineup: All New Wheels, Tires, and Handlebars

    In time for the spring classics, CADEX unleashes a treasure trove of performance cycling kit, ranging from wheels to tires to handlebars. We’ve seen some spy shots of the gear on the Team Jayco AlUla in the 2024 races — Now we finally have the full details.

    (All Images: CADEX)

    Over the past five years, CADEX has slowly and assertively poised itself as a high-end equipment supplier. It is not precisely distancing itself from its parent company, Giant Bicycles, but showing everyone, ‘this is NOT high-end gear OEM.’ Having tried many CADEX products, they are definitely knocking on the top components’ door. The newest offerings round out the all-around road performer. With new all-around wheels with a GC race tire, a new do-it-all Race one-piece carbon bar/stem, and an Aero one-piece carbon bar/stem.

    Let’s meet the new additions to the CADEX lineup.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem wheels

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem

    The Max 40 Wheel System is a lightweight, aerodynamic wheelset designed for everything the road can throw at a rider. CADEX claims it’s less than 1250g for the set and is now the lightest wheelset they offer.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem header

    The rim is a fairly generous (for road) 22.4mm inner with a 40mm deep section. CADEX says the wheelset delivers best-in-class stiffness to weight. We haven’t seen the wheelset, but judging from what we know of the brand — it sounds like this one has some Olympic ambitions.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem carbon

    The CADEX Max 40 uses a new hubset and carbon spoke design. The design team calls them ‘CADEX Super Aero carbon spokes’ (catchy name and straight to the point). The spokes are seamlessly integrated into a thin aero hub flange, contributing to updated power transfer for the Max 40.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem stiffness

    How does the Max 40 stack up against the best in class? CADEX tested against the Lightweight Obermayer EVO and Syncros Capital SL. CADEX claims the Max 40 exhibited significantly greater front and rear wheel stiffness.

    The Max 40 showed 28.4 percent greater front wheel stiffness than the Lightweight Obermayer EVO and was 10.3 percent stiffer than the Syncros Capital SL. Regarding rear wheel stiffness, the Max 40 beat the Obermayer by 44.9 percent and the Capital SL by 20.8 percent.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem stiffness weight

    The Max 40 also outperformed both competitors in stiffness-to-weight tests. The design team chalks this up to the 22.4mm inner rim width. Paired with the all-new CADEX Race GC Tire and a rapid aerodynamic profile.

    Jeff Schneider, Global Head of Product and Marketing for CADEX, remarked, “With the Max 40 WheelSystem, we’ve designed the best all-rounder road wheel CADEX has ever produced—an ideal balance for performance on various terrains.”

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem hub

    CADEX Max 40 — Key Features

    • Integrated spoke, hub flange, and aero hub design for optimal weight savings, better power transfer, and improved aerodynamics.
    • CADEX hookless rim technology with optimized carbon layup improves durability and tire performance at a lightweight.
    • High-tensile-strength integrated CADEX Super Aero spokes with invisible nipples and independent spoke tension adjustment.
    • Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology sets spokes at a wider bracing angle to stabilize spoke tension levels under pedaling force.
    • 48-tooth ratchet engagement in the CADEX R3-C48 Aero Hub offers more immediate power transfer.
    • CADEX Ratchet Wave Spring ensures the outer and inner ratchet rings engage with consistent and even force for smoother action and better rolling efficiency.
    • Broad 22.4mm inner rim width creates a rounder tire profile and increased tire contact patch for better sidewall support, improved handling, and less rider fatigue.
    • 40mm rim profile delivers exceptional stability and aero benefits for all-day efforts.
    • In-mold carbon surface graphic technology blends CADEX logos into the carbon rim surface without the need for etching or decals.
    • Price: TBD
    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem tire rim

    CADEX Race GC Tire

    When CADEX releases a new wheel, it’s usually paired with a tire. They do this to optimize the wheel performance in a CADEX eco-system. The Max 40 launch is no different. The new CADEX Race GC is the right tire for the uber-efficient new wheelset. The Race GC is a performance tire designed for a smooth ride and balanced cornering.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem tire system

    The carcass is 240 TPI CADEX’ Supple Race Casing’. The supple casing should be an excellent combination with the stiffness of the Max 40. The Race GC uses CADEX Race Shield puncture protection (something they use in their gravel tires) to keep the GC in contention and keep the weight down. The CADEX Race GC comes in at a claimed 279 grams.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem tire

    The CADEX Race GC is a lightweight, high-performance tubeless tire that balances speed, cornering grip, and durability in equal measure. The new 240 TPI Supple Race Casing delivers increased rolling efficiency, while the proven CADEX RR-S Compound and a micro-profile shoulder provide reliable grip across varied road conditions.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem tire studio

    Key Features GC Tires:

    • All-new 240 TPI Supple Race Casing combines nimble ride feel with increased rolling efficiency at just 279 grams.
    • Silica-based RR-S Compound for decreased rolling resistance and reliable grip in the corners.
    • Round tire profile with shallower sidewalls and protruded shoulders provides enhanced stability for cornering.
    • Slick center tread and micro-profile shoulders provide a perfect blend of speed and grip in varied conditions.
    • Race Shield puncture protection features an ultralight and cut-resistant Kevlar® material for long-haul durability.
    • Price: TBD
    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem race bar

    Aero and Race Integrated handlebars

    CADEX is no stranger to the carbon handlebar (having released many over the years). CADEX also released its first performance carbon stem last year. All the pieces have finally come together and are ready to work in one-piece construction.

    The new one-piece CADEX Aero Integrated and CADEX Race Integrated handlebars are focused on slightly different audiences. Both handlebars are lightweight, fully integrated carbon stem-and-bar combinations that enhance aerodynamics with sleek internal cable routing.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem front aero

    Aero Integrated handlebars

    The CADEX Aero Integrated handlebar is designed for absolute speed and sprint stiffness. This is the bar you want on your race machine when performance outweighs comfort in the long run. Don’t look for much in the way of compliance, but expect a stiff sprint platform.

    CADEX Aero Bar Meausre

    The narrow width at the hoods combined with a long 80mm reach naturally puts the rider in an aero position, and a flattened top section reduces the frontal area for wind-slicing efficiency. The reach of the CADEX Aero Integrated is slightly longer than its Race brethren.

    Comparing the aero performance of the CADEX Aero Integrated handlebar with the Giant Contact SLR handlebar and Contact SL AeroLight stem combination on a Giant performance road bike at a wind speed of 40kph, the Aero Integrated bar showed a savings of 1.23 watts.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem areo bar

    Key Features — CADEX Aero Integrated handlebar

    • Integrated bar-and-stem construction and internal cable routing for improved aerodynamic performance.
    • One-piece, no-bond manufacturing on the drops, hoods, and tops utilizes high-grade carbon fiber and CADEX precision layup technique to eliminate the added weight and flex found in traditionally bonded bars.
    • Flattened tops improve aerodynamic efficiency.
    • 80mm reach and narrow width at the hoods for natural aero positioning.
    • T800 and T1100 carbon fiber keep weight low without compromising strength or stiffness.
    • Shallow drop makes transitions between hoods and drops fast and easy.
    • 3-degree flare delivers enhanced control when descending, cornering, and sprinting.
    • 2-degree backsweep and gently curved ramps provide better grip and support during long rides.
    • Shimano Di2 satellite shifter compatible.
    • Out-front computer mount included.
    • Compatible with 1-1/4”, 1-1/8”, and OverDrive Aero steerer tubes with included carbon shims.
    • Price: TBD
    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem race

    CADEX Race Integrated Bar

    On the other hand, the CADEX, Race Integrated bar is built for control and efficiency on long, hilly days. The Race bar is more of a do-it-all bar. With a slight bit of compliance for the long days on the road.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem

    One-piece, no-bond manufacturing on the drops, hoods, and tops utilizes the CADEX precision layup technique to eliminate the added weight and flex found in traditionally bonded bars.T800 and T1100, carbon fiber layup, offer ultralight weight without compromising on strength and stiffness.

    CADEX Max 40 WheelSystem race GC

    The CADEX Race Integrated bar boasts a 72mm reach and 125mm drops. This drop and reach make for smooth and natural transitions as an 11-degree flare. Internal cable routing cleans up the cockpit and improves aerodynamics. CADEX claims the bar weighs 256 grams for a 420mm x 100mm combo.

    The Aero Integrated and Race Integrated handlebars are available in 16 sizes with an out-of-front computer mount.

    All four new CADEX performance road products will be available soon in select markets worldwide. For more information about each product.

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