Top 5 Goals: NWSL Matchday 3 & FA Women’s Super League

    The NWSL and FA WSL are two of the more exciting leagues in the world, in large part due to the stars that inhabit both competitions. The star power of players like Bunny Shaw, Deyna Castellanos, and Rachael Kundananji has elevated the profile of both leagues, making them both must-watch TV. Matchday 3 from the NWSL and the FA WSL did not disappoint. Here are the Top 5 Goals from the NWSL and FA WSL. 

    5. Deyna Castellanos – Bay FC

    The first-ever goal scored at Bay FC’s PayPal Park was a stunner. Deyna Castellanos’ reactions were spot on as the blocked shot bounced right in front of her. The Venezuelan adjusted in a split second and managed to rip the shot with her opposite foot and find the top corner. That’s a high level of quality in the heat of the moment from Castellanos, and it’s a historic moment for Bay FC.  

    4. Sam Coffey – Portland Thorns

    Portland has been playing from behind in two of their three games this season. While they haven’t started well, the Thorns are proving they’re going to be a resilient group and a tough team to put away, even if they’re trailing.

    Sam Coffey embodies that attitude and mentioned it in the postgame interview: whatever she can do to help the team, she’s going to do it. Well, Coffey stepped up in a big way to salvage a draw for Portland. It’s the ability to have quick feet while running almost at full speed and still sticking the ball in the top corner. That’s an elite-level finish from Sam Coffey, who is just getting better and better with each year.  


    3. Bunny Shaw – Manchester City

    Bunny Shaw consistently looks a level above the competition. Her size, speed, and strength already make her a nightmare for opposing defenses, and when you add her technical ability to that, you have an incredible player. There’s a defender on her hip; she’s more than 20 yards away from the goal, and still, she made this look way too easy. Shaw has made the FA WSL look like a playground for her, and with the stars that have come to the NWSL, there’s a chance Shaw could end up on an NWSL team in the next two seasons. 

    2. Rachael Kundananj – Bay FC

    Bay FC is making history with every goal they score in the NWSL. Racheal Kundananji made a statement in her debut, becoming the first Zambian to score in an NWSL game. This goal is just the start of things to come for Bay FC and Kundananji. The speed at which she does her move is on another level. The Zambian took a heavy touch, and for a split second, the defender might have been able to poke the ball away. But Kundananji’s speed made up for the poor touch, and all it took was one quick dip of the shoulder with the ball to beat the defender easily. Kundananji is already in the box by the time the defender reacts, that’s next level speed. Then the finish with her left foot to curl it around the keeper, that’s something that the NWSL doesn’t have a lot of, a player of her caliber. Kundananji is going to set the league on fire. This is only the beginning. 

    1. Taylor Hinds – Liverpool

    Taylor Hinds isn’t talked about enough as a future player for England’s National Team. At just 24, she’s already played in 98 games, approaching 100 club appearances at this age indicates how important Hinds is for Liverpool. Hinds doesn’t score often, but when she does, it’s usually a worldie.

    Hinds found herself with nothing but green grass in front of her and knew exactly what she wanted to do. This is against Manchester City, which is at the top of the league. They essentially dared Hinds to take this long-range shot as no one stepped to her to pressure the ball. Hinds unleashed a screamer that kept bending away from the keeper as soon as it left her foot. She got a little help from the crossbar, but it’s still an incredible goal from Taylor Hinds.




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