Travis Kelce crowns brother Jason 'sexiest man on the planet'

    Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had nothing but high praise for his older brother, Jason Kelce, dubbing him the “sexiest man on the planet.” This lighthearted moment emerged after a video surfaced showing Jason being playfully taunted by former Philadelphia Eagles teammate Beau Allen during a friendly round of golf.

    The clip, capturing a candid slice of life on the fairways, featured Jason Kelce lining up a shot with Allen sparing no effort to distract him. Allen’s teasing spanned a range of topics, poking fun at Jason’s life and career, but the retired Eagles center handled the jabs with his characteristic good humor, a skill honed through years of dealing with media scrutiny and public opinion.

    The friendly banter reached its peak when Allen questioned Jason on how he handles trash-talk, to which Jason quipped, “I didn’t think it was going to happen, but now I am.” Allen couldn’t resist comparing the two brothers, suggesting he preferred Travis for his athletic prowess and celebrity status. Jason’s witty comeback, “At least I’m better looking,” eventually led to Travis’ affectionate declaration on Instagram, celebrating his brother’s charm.

    Brotherhood in the Limelight: Kelce brothers keeps going on and off the field

    The Kelce brothers have been riding a wave of popularity, further amplified by their showdown in the last Super Bowl and Travis’s high-profile relationship with pop superstar Taylor Swift. Their antics, including dance-offs showcased during their podcast “New Heights,” have endeared them even more to fans.

    The video, released by “Green Light with Chris Long,” concluded with Jason humorously slicing his approach shot to the green, but it was the brotherly love and banter that stole the show, proving that even amidst competition, family ties hold strong.

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