AEW star’s recent injury could force in-ring retirement

    Now, it appears that Taylor’s in-ring career could be over. According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the on-air storyline matches the real-world prognosis. 

    “On television they talked about Chuck Taylor’s career perhaps being over,” Meltzer wrote. “In storyline they say it’s over but have also given wiggle room. From what we are told, what was said on television was accurate and the belief right now is that Taylor won’t be able to wrestle again.”

    Meltzer explained that while other members of the AEW roster have previously been told their careers are over, only to return, things aren’t looking good for one-half of the “Best Friends.” 

    “Excalibur on the show said that due to the nature of the fracture and the presence of necrosis of the bone (death of the bone) in fragments underneath the cartilage, the injury is likely career ending… They said that even with surgery he may not be able to and more than likely won’t be able to come back,” Meltzer wrote.

    AEW’s high-impact style of wrestling does mean that talent is more susceptible to injury. The spot between Taylor and Beretta with the wrench was unfortunate. They have competed in multiple parking lot brawls without sustaining significant injury. Nevertheless, that one spot could now cost Taylor his career. 

    Of course, as Taylor begins to rehab from his injury and the subsequent surgery, he may seek a second opinion regarding his future. Yet, if his in-ring career is genuinely over, Tony Khan may look to give him a behind-the-scenes role or put him on screen in a management capacity similar to “Prince Nana.”

    Taylor’s injury was unfortunate. Still, it may be a while before we see another parking lot brawl on AEW programming. The company is trending in the right direction regarding fans, ratings and talent. As such, it will want to minimize the risk of losing talent or alienating free agents from wanting to join the company. 

    For now, AEW fans will be hoping Taylor can make a full recovery. What happens after that is anybody’s guess.

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