Caitlin Clark opens up on the battles with fame: What is the hardest part of being Caitlin Clark?

    Caitlin Clark is poised to take the WNBA by storm. She is a double-record holder in the NCAA and has made enough money to never work another day again if she doesn’t want to, but despite that the 22-year-old opened up on her struggles through life and why being her isn’t easy at all.

    The 2024 WNBA overall first pick will be the star of the Indiana Fever’s set-up in the top level of women’s basketball, meaning the ex-Iowa Hawkeyes’ ace will be getting all of the attention on and off the court, but for her this is also a curse as well as a blessing.

    Caitlin Clark opens up about the hardest part of being Caitlin ClarkParker Johnson

    “The hardest part about being Caitlin Clark?,” Clark said in the ESPN+ four-part series Full Court Press. “I’d say is having to feel like you’re always on.

    “You just have bad days, and there are days where you don’t want to talk to anyone, but somebody comes up to you, and this is their 10-second interaction with you.

    “So, you better smile and be kind. But at the same time, it’s just like, you just want to be normal sometimes.”

    What inspired Clark’s monologue?

    Clark might be reflecting on a recent adventure to a restaurant with her boyfriend, Conor McCaffrey, as she couldn’t even walk through the joint without the public interrupting her time with her man back in January.

    Fans came up to her to regularly compliment her and one even added that she drove from Chicago to watch her, and the Hawkeyes play. Although Clark loves the fan interactions, this would definitely be an example of her just being unable to be normal.

    Clark’s smile quickly faded after the interactions and she took a chance to drink some water, finally being able to relax her face muscles after maintaining an ever-present acting face with fans.

    “This is not the same as what it was,” McCaffrey said in the documentary. “Me and you, we cannot go and just walk around like nobody knows who you are.

    “That’s not the reality of the situation and I think there are still moments when she realizes that, like, ‘Damn, that kind of sucks.'”

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