Rashee Rice facing NFL 'enhanced suspension' as police probe alleged car crash and assault cases

    Rashee Rice‘s NFL career is hanging in the balance after a series of recent incidents that could see him sent to prison.

    The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver has been involved in as many as three legal situations that could land him a hefty suspension from playing at best and time behind bars in the worst scenario.

    Rashee Rice returns to Chiefs practice with Patrick Mahomes amid legal issues

    The former second-round pick is in hot water following his car crash in April and an alleged assault in May. However, there is little prior information to ascertain how severe the punishment will be.

    The wide receiver is currently facing eight felony charges after driving 119 miles per hour and causing a six-car crash in Dallas. He surrendered himself to police and was released from jail after posting bond.

    There is no denying Rice‘s involvement in the car crash, as he was allegedly one of five men who left the scene after racing down the highway in a Corvette and Lamborghini – cars both owned by him.

    However, details are scarce surrounding the alleged assault in a club. Two witnesses claim they did not see Rice punch the photographer.

    According to the police report, Rice lured the alleged victim back to the club and that is where the assault is alleged to have taken place, leading the man to suffering “visible swelling on one side of the face.”

    Even if both of those incidents end up without a conviction, Rice is already facing a probe from the NFL over his collegiate actions, which involved a fellow college student’s car being littered with bullets.

    What suspension will Rashee Rice receive?

    Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio penned an article that didn’t paint a bright future for the SMU product, with “multiple sources” revealing that Rice had serious character concerns heading into the 2023 NFL Draft.

    It is claimed that Rice or a member of his entourage fired bullets into an empty car belonging to SMU basketball player Kendric Davis. This action reportedly occurred because Rice believed Davis was seeing his girlfriend.

    While this was never reported to law enforcement, every team in the league was made aware of the incident heading into the draft – and the Chiefs still opted to draft him.

    Even though this happened before Rice joined the NFL, the incident could impact his eventual suspension as they reserve the right to hand out punishment where they see fit.

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