Rudy Project has a Dream, a Time Trialing WingDream Helmet Debuts at the Giro

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    Over the weekend, the new Rudy Project Wingdream time trial helmet got its official rollout on the heads of Bahrain Victorious at the Giro d’Italia’s stage 7 TT. From the side, it looks downright normal for a time-trial helmet. But head-on, its bell-shaped flare cuts a unique profile that Rudy Project says will make you faster…

    Rudy Project Wingdream time trial aero helmet

    We already got a sneak peek at the new Rudy Project Wingdream in camo. Sneaking in back in the UCI aero helmet controversy at Tirreno-Adriatico over some of the many spaceship-inspired TT helmets. The sharp-edged Wingdream slipped pretty much under the radar. Plus, Rudy Project didn’t tack on any of the dubious extras, not focused on rider safety, that sparked the UCI’s ire.

    (Giro photos by Sprint Cycling/Rudy Project)

    Yet, Rudy Project says the helmet’s unique shape can save a rider “almost 10 watts compared to the previous Wing model, equivalent to 4 seconds per 10km, or more than a minute over an Ironman distance” (of 180km). At a constant 200W rider output for that full distance, Rudy Project says the new Wingdream would cut 5 minutes & 6 seconds off a rider’s time vs. a traditional road helmet.

    Rudy Project Wingdream time trial aero helmet, side

    The official Giro debut doesn’t really reveal too much detail – besides the riders getting the Team Bahrain Victorious colors. But there’s also a bit more backstory.

    Aero TT helmet R&D

    Rudy Project Wingdream time trial aero helmet, racing side

    Bahrain Victorious has worked with Rudy Project since 2016. And the new Wingdream is the product of 2 years of R&D to improve over the short-tailed Wing.

    Rudy Project Wingdream time trial aero helmet, angled rear

    The new helmet opts for a more open lower half of the shell. It gets straight edges compared to the previous curving shape meant to tuck against a rider’s shoulder and back. The result of the more open design is apparently even better direction of the turbulent airflow over the rider’s shoulders and back for “superior aerodynamic penetration”.

    Rudy Project Wingdream time trial aero helmet, inside tech details

    Rudy Project says rider safety is still the first concern with the new Wingdream – with conventional strap, buckle & dial retention.

    Rudy Project Wingdream time trial aero helmet, fronty bell-shaped

    But they also recognize that aero helmets must deliver ventilation to keep a racer from overheating – whether during a 40-minute TT or several hours in a triathlon. So it gets a single open front vent.

    Rudy Project Wingdream – Not just yet availability

    Rudy Project Wingdream time trial aero helmet, front racing

    The pros have been racing in it all season, and the Giro saw its official release. But, the new Rudy Project Wingdream TT helmet won’t actually be available to consumers until October.

    Rudy Project Wingdream time trial aero helmet, side

    When it does come into grasp this coming autumn, the Wingdream will be offered in 2 sizes and in 2 color options. &

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